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After the last two years I don’t use it to put on makeupthis year i have tried a few cushion because the activity was starting to be solid outside the room. so i need cushion to help the face stay fresh all day. Well, my choice in September fell on the brand YOU NourishedWear+ Series. I always see this YOU series on pharmacy and e-commercebut I never imagined that I would try and end up falling in love with them!

YOU NoutriWear+ is a range of base foundation products with innovative Litestay™ technology and Immortelle C-lock essence to provide long-lasting, flawless makeup, while stimulating the production of collagen in the skin which increases elasticity and nourishes the skin. It is complete, yes, its function is not so complexion only, but also helps to take care of the skin.

These are my two favorite products. Sorry for the square and thick eyebrows, because when you put on makeup you don’t wear glasses so you can’t see it 🙂

The NoutriWear+ series has been clinically tested to be free from clogged pores that can cause blackheads, improving the appearance of a more stunning face while nourishing the skin. The products are also formulated for all skin types, especially Asians.

Oh yes, Assalamu’alaikum friends 🙂 Last August I was very productive writing on my personal blog, but in September I wasn’t even writing at all 🙂 Human hearts change very quickly, yes. A happy moment, a lazy moment. If it wasn’t for YOU, I don’t think I would be writing this month. But because the product gives satisfactory results, I want to share my experience as soon as possible when using YOU!

There are six YOU NoutriWear+ series, namely:

  • NoutriWear+ 24H Velvet Liquid Foundation
  • NoutriWear+ Flawless Cushion Foundation
  • NoutriWear+ Full Coverage Concealer
  • NutriWear+ Airy Fit Loose Powder
  • NoutriWear+ Silky Pressed Foundation
  • NoutriWear+ Makeup Setting Stay Lock Mist

In exam In this case, I will discuss two products, namely Exam YOU NoutriWear+ Flawless Cushion Foundation and YOU NoutriWear+ Airy Fit Loose Powder Review that says a lot Comments, very good product. I hope that in the future I can exam another round, amen.


NoutriWear+ Flawless Cushion Foundation and YOU NoutriWear+ Airy Fit Loose Powder Review


YOU NoutriWear+ Flawless Cushion Foundation Review (11 gr)

YOU NoutriWear+ cushion is available in four shades, and again I always choose the wrong color! Ha ha. The first time I used it, it came out three shades whiter than my skin tone. However, it turns out the product is oxidized and can go down a level so it looks more natural and not too weird on the face. But it’s still too white…

Packaging cushion Delivered in a box and sealed in plastic. Good quality, yes, because it is sealed in plastic, it means that the goods that reach the hands of consumers are safe and have not been used or tried by people. But in terms of respect for the environment, it’s really a shame, so we add plastic waste. Because I don’t have trust issuesfor me it would be better if the packaging was not sealed in plastic.

When we open the box, we will see the shape of your cushion with the color nude rose gold which is beautiful and elegant. Plus it’s my favorite color! Eh eh. It comes with a mirror and an applicator puff shaped water drop and practice Used to reach all sides of the face. The lather is also gentle, so for those with sensitive skin, you don’t have to worry.

How to open cushion NoutriWear+ is like unboxing pressed powder Yes, because there are no buttons to press and it is indeed confusing at first when opening the product hehe. On the mirror there is a protective sticker so it must be removed before use.

In the lidthere is a paper sticker covering it cushion. After the sticker is removed, you can see the shape of the cushion.

NoutriWear+ Flawless Cushion Foundation after use can you give it medium to full coverage for me, and it’s great because it covers the redness of acne scars, hides spots, even dark circles around the eyes too cover good!

According to the product claims, cushion YOU have content Soft Light Diffusing Powder to hide fine lines, redness and other skin problems, it will give a smooth and beautiful makeup.

The texture of NoutriWear+ Flawless Cushion foundation is quite thick like moisturizer and easy to mix. When you use it, it has a slight smell flowery and soft powdery which does not bother. Well, for shadow I use W703 Warm Ivory. Choice cushion There are 4 YOU, namely W703 Warm Ivory, C304 Pink Nude, N508 Medium Beige, W805 Yellow Beige. Looks like I’m going to have to pick up the Pink Nude on my next purchase.

Besides the color, I love the texture because it has Litestay TM technology which helps makeup adhere properly and under control for over 16 hours, yet stays lightweight on the face. Even more exciting, cushion YOU has SPF 40 PA+++ and features Immortelle flower extract as an antioxidant, and Centella Asiatica to soothe skin inflammation.

I’ve never been interested in YOU, but since trying Lip Tint Could Fin Touch YOU I’ve been curious to try other products and have cushion YOU are the best product I have in 2022!

From the packaging, the texture, the applicator, to the results on the face, everything is good and satisfying. The product is also suitable for my dry and sensitive skin, it does not irritate me crack or heat on the face.

The price of YOU NoutriWear+ Flawless Cushion Foundation is IDR 149,000 and prices may change at any time.

YOU NoutriWear+ Airy Fit W804 Natural Buff Loose Powder Review

NoutriWear+ Airy Fit loose powder belongs to the category of light loose powders. The formula comes with Light-diffusing soft powder and C-lock Immortal Essence to hold makeup on the face, and able to control sebum during use.

As far back as I can remember, the last time I used it loose powder or that loose powder about seven years ago. As long as it is never used again because of the type dry skin I refuse the powder. Usually, if used, it will give a cracked effect, feel like there is putty, and even the face is stretched because it becomes dry.

Miraculously, when I tried loose powder YOU I do not feel any negative effects. I was actually blown away because the results were good, smooth, like no powder… turns out my dry skin can use powder too! :’)

YOU NoutriWear+ Airy Fit loose powder is packaged in a round container hard plastic with the same color of the NoutriWear+ variant, namely nude rose gold. The color is so cute and very aesthetic. The product is also equipped with puff soft and helps to stick the texture of the product on the face, and does not gather base to put on makeup already on the face.

I really like the texture of the NoutriWear+ Airy Fit Loose Powder because it is very soft and when you put it on the skin it shows. without pores. For the powder, Alhamdulillah I didn’t choose the wrong one shadow because that’s exactly what I wanted.

Color loose powder W804 Natural Buff can even help reduce the brightness level of the shade cushion which is too bright. So even if my cushion is too light, it can be used because the color will be lowered by the powder.

YOU don’t powder results mat deadvery fine powder particles can give effect blur pores, bright and flawless. It seems, if you use it pastry shop It would be great, but I haven’t tried it yet because the skin is already dry.

Well, using this product does not dry out at all, oddly enough, it makes the skin more beautiful. The one that usually peels off because of the hot weather, wear it ample powder YOU all day my face is protected from drying out, you know.

In conclusion, I like it because the product is suitable for dry skindoesn’t make eczema inflamed, and really light to wear all day.

Oh yeah, because the powder has a super nice texture that can cover pores and keep them to put on makeup anti slippery all day, it is very important for Muslim friends to remove the product from the face when praying. Because the texture blocks the entrance of water for the ablution, we must first remove it for the ablution to be valid. And no need to worry, product cushion same ample powder You are very compact so it’s convenient to carry, easy and quick to apply, but not complicated 🙂

How about, are you interested in trying it too? 🙂

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