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After staying at home for the past two years and not wanting to go to a hospital or clinic, at the end of 2022, I force myself to scaling.

Well, now that things are looking up, I’m looking for good dental clinic in BSD with a reliable doctor for maximum results.

My choice is on Dental Clinic BSD Le Sourire Orthodontic and Aesthetic Dental Clinic. When I checked the price range, it turned out that The Smile is the cheapest dental clinic in BSD Tangerang!

Smile Dental Clinic is located at Ruko Golden Madrid 2, Jl. Lieutenant Sutopo No. 05 Mekar Jaya, Kec. Serpong, town of South Tangerang. Very close to Pasmod (Modern Market) BSD location, South Tangerang. And to act, you have to make a reservation via WhatsApp first.

Should, scaling The dental routine is carried out every six months. But because covid it’s true, I’m really scared if a medical device enters my mouth! Even though he is sterilized, the prophet still said that if we have doubts about anything, we should leave him 🙂 Now there is no doubt, Lillahi Ta’ala too bad 🙂 Oh yeah, before that Assalamualaikum, friends! How are you? Have you got scaling tooth?

I also find out first before scalingand apparently concerned orthodontic at the Le Sourire clinic, it’s full for the size of the clinic, you know! There’s the installation of dentures, the installation of dental appliances at BSD, the installation of crownestablishment crown & bridgefrenectomy and bleach. And other routine dental treatments are available such as tooth extraction, wisdom tooth surgery, root treatment, scaling and fillings.

Review of The Smile Dental Clinic at BSD Tangerang

The location of The Smile is easy to find, it runs parallel to the shop area and the clinic building consists of 2 floors, accompanied by two dentist offices. Once inside, we will be asked to change the shoes that have been provided on the shelf so that the clinic area remains clean and sterile.

Then I went to the reservation desk and registration arrival, then I was given a biographical file and an approval of the medical conduct to be undertaken.

I really like the clean and comfortable clinic space. A sofa is provided to sit alternately with other patients, and in this area an information board is displayed for all dentists at The Smile clinic, totaling 10 people and schedules by 2 shifts per day. That’s cool, there’s an orthodontic specialist at BSD The Smile Clinic. All is good dentist in BSD and you can trust them to take care of your teeth.

After completing the registration process, I was helped to use the full PPE with headgear as a health and safety procedure for patients and medical staff. Then I walked into the room to take action.

Dental Scaling Review at The Smile Clinic BSD

In fact, we can also scaling free at Puskesmas with BPJS. However, because I tried the Puskesmas procedure several times, it was painful and uncomfortable because without polishingI got used to spending money and choosing scaling at the dental clinic.

My choice scaling at BSD dental clinic, it really is. Because before the action there is the service free saw a doctor and discussed any existing dental issues, and received instructions on what to do next.

I was sued by Drg. Zakia is a general dentist, but her explanation and understanding of dental issues is very deep! I also had time to see the results x-ray minute teeth, and he knew that was the result x-ray It has been a long time because my current dental condition is very different, that is, the condition is more serious.

Before scaling, Dr. Zakia also directly checked the condition of my teeth and advised me of the measures to be taken. Namely doing root treatment on damaged teeth, repairing molars because they are broken and having to implant dentures because without dentures the structure of the jaw becomes irregular and the process of chewing food is not correct. .

After being explained in detail, the action begins scaling and the doctor reminded me to give the code to raise the left hand if it hurts or hurts.

Stock scaling takes about 15-20 minutes due to the amount of limescale that has built up. After that I was asked to gargle with an antiseptic and continued with polishing or giving fluoride on each tooth so that there is no noticeable effect. Effect polishing It helps the surface of the teeth to be soft, comfortable, fresh and not gritty.

It’s just that due to the condition of my rare and small teeth, after scaling profuse bleeding from the gums and it lasts about 30 minutes after the act of continuous bleeding.

This condition occurs depending on the structure of each tooth, yes. If your dental structure is good, you shouldn’t feel anything like me.

‘Cause I’m routine and accustomed scaling, Al-Hamdulillah scaling at BSD dental clinic, the smile is satisfying and leaves no trauma behind. The process is quick with minimal pain and the service at the clinic is very good and friendly. It may be an alternative choice for those of you who want to try scaling at the Tangerang BSD dental clinic, we come to The Smile!

Smile BSD Dental Clinic hours of operation are Monday through Sunday, 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. WIB. and price scaling between 400 and 600,000 depending on the condition of the teeth to be treated.

If you need complete information about The Smile Orthodontic and Aesthetic Dental Clinic, check it out via Instagram or contact the WhatsApp administrator The Smile directly: 0877-1200-0300

How are you interested in scaling at BSD The Smile dental clinic? Don’t ignore it, okay? scaling Teeth are so important!

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