FOREO UFO REVIEW: Face tips for the home!

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To be honest, because of the Corona (Covid-19) epidemic and also this PSBB, I can’t do any treatment at the beauty clinic. Just looking at Youtube, an advertisement of Foreo appeared, after searching on Google, I finally decided to buy this beauty tool through Sephora Indonesia.

By the way, Foreo is a Swedish beauty brand, so there is no doubt about its quality.

Now! This is what the Foreo UFO looks like, with a diameter of about 6cm and in fact there are 3 color choices, I chose the Fuschia color.

What is this FOREO UFO?

It is an advanced mask tool that combines Korean mask technology with Swedish beauty technology. UFO has Hyper-Infusion Technology which utilizes our skin’s natural reactions to heat, cold and T-Sonic pulses. The mask tool is equipped with 3 LED rays and feels like doing a facial at the clinic but you can do it yourself at home in 90 seconds!

In addition to this mask tool, FOREO also provides masks that can be used together! There are so many choices, but I have only chosen 4 that seem interesting to me and according to the needs of my skin.

1. FOREO makes my day

This Make My Day mask contains active hyaluronic acid and red algae which can hydrate the skin instantly and maintain skin hydration throughout the day.

2. FOREO Call It a Night

Now! This mask is more suitable to use at night as it can rejuvenate and nourish the skin, especially if the skin is stressed and tired. Call It a Night Mask contains ginseng and olive oil.

3. Glow Addict

If you want luminous skin instantly in 90 seconds! Foreo Glow Addict Mask is a great choice because it contains pearl extract!

4. FOREO Youth Junkie

This mask can stimulate the collagen in the skin so that the skin looks younger, fresh and supple.

This is why FOREO has become the most advanced mask tool in the world! Because you can connect it to your smartphone and adjust the LED light according to your skin needs.

It’s very easy! Simply download the “Foreo” application from the Appstore and voila! you can register and manage the tool only using a mobile phone.

Once connected, just attach the mask to the device and follow the voice instructions in the app, it’s really good! In 90 seconds you will be accompanied by a virtual beautician and experience the three LED rays with full benefits.

When using the UFO, the first thing I felt was the feeling of warmth Thermotherapy. This heat therapy itself works to absorb the essence instantly and deeply, besides that, there is also a red LED for anti-aging. After thermotherapy, there is Cryotherapy, during cryotherapy, my skin feels cool and fresh. After that, there is also a green LED for skin lightening. I am really comfortable during this treatment, plus there is a T-Sonic pulse that relaxes me.

Usually after 90 seconds I turn the mask over and repeat another 90 seconds because I want everything in the mask to be fully absorbed into the skin.


Tips for using Foreo UFO

Red light: Anti-aging

Green light: Lightening

Blue light: Anti-acne

UFO Foreo

What I noticed, the face is so smooth! Especially if you use Foreo Glow Addict, your face will automatically glow. For the forehead area, the sobering fine lines have also disappeared.

Makeup sticks and looks more flawless than usual. Oh yeah, if Foreo’s masks are sold out, I just combine them with the masks I have at home so I can use them all.

Well, for those of you who want to try the sophistication of the LED mask UFO FOREO, be sure to buy from a trusted seller! If I bought it at Sephora!

Be careful not to buy fake/false products as it will be harmful to your skin.

This mask tool is really suitable for me who likes practical and simple but maximum results are good. This oath is worth every rupee! Best skin investment I’ve purchased in 2020.

Since I fell in love with FOREO, I also tried FOREO Bear! You can check this post for a review.

I’ll see you guys on my next post!

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