These 7 Tips SketchUp Users Need To Master (Part 2)

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Key axis line with keyboard arrow keys

Seconds You try to draw a line or move something, sometimes
it’s hard to be sure in the direction you want. But only
pressing one of the arrow keys on the keyboard while moving an object locks the object to the axis. The arrow is the Blue axis, the arrow
the left is the green axis, and the right arrow is the red axis.

Use a few steps to transfer yang complex

If you try to move the object “to
then to
right, and a little towards the back”, it was sometimes difficult to
making Sketchup understand where exactly the location you want.
One trick that really helps is to just think of the steps
one axis at a time.

First, make sure the height is in the correct position. Next lock the object with the axis
blue, and reference another point or specify a certain distance. Next,
align the green axis and move the object, up to the red axis.
Doing so in three separate steps allows you to ensure precise displacement of the object’s position in the model. This way you don’t have to align multiple axes at the same time.

Choosing Bhow many Entitas

Select Tool, if you click on a face, it will be the object you selected. If you want to choose faces and outlines, just double click. To
selects all connected entities of that object, three clicks. Every time
You create a new group, you
three clicks to select all geometry
connected. Remember that if you’re trying to pick something that’s in a
group, you need to double-click the group to open it first.

Create Guidelines with Tape Measure Tool

After creating the basic model in
Sketchup, you’ll want to start creating things that have specific dimensions.
One way to reference specific points in space is to
creating guides. To create a guide, click on the edge with
Tape Measure Tool. Drag your mouse
exit along the axis
where You want to create a guide. Remember you can lock the axis using
arrow keys
then Type guide line distance
what you want
. You can
create multiple guides adjacent to each other for intersection reference

Do not click Value Control Box (VCB)

There is a box in the lower right corner of the window
Sketchup that shows dimensions as you work with the tool
different. Many people have a tendency to think that this is
a kind of command prompt that you can click on to Type Dimensions. It’s not. That
only shows the output of different dimensions as you work with
they’re in Sketchup.

I know this is confusing because sometimes I’ll even tell
people “type your dimensions in VCB”, which is technically not
accurate. So here’s what it does; if you draw a square
length, you will see the size of the rectangle appear in VCB, actively
turning you stretch the rectangle. It tells you how big
the rectangle is as you make it. After you finish
rectangle, you can define your own dimensions, you don’t even
need to click anything, just type it in. Ex. 4′, 58 “ENTER.

Reference other points in your model

You can reference other parts of the model
You to align the two objects. Let’s say you have a chair and a table in
your model. You want the bottom of the table and chairs to be in harmony on
the same field. So, first select the seat, then click the move tool.
Reference under the seat to start the next move the key with the axis
blue (Hit the Up arrow to lock the Blue axis), then move the mouse to
under the table to finish. It aligns both objects on the Deep Blue axis
relationship with each point you referenced to start and end

Use ShortcutKeyboard

As a beginner, you may feel
intimidated at the thought of having to memorize anything. But the problem is, you
switch tools so often in Sketchup that it’s so easy to remember
once you start using them. It’s just a matter of getting started.

Using keyboard shortcuts saves
a huge amount of time in Sketchup. Modeling you will begin to feel much more
naturally, you do not even have to think about it.

Start by simply learning the Select tool (Space Bar), Rectangle Tool (R), and Push
/ Pull Tool (P). Then pay attention to the tools you use the most, and
looking for shortcuts. Print out my shortcut guide for quick reference.

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