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At the time of preparing the party for the wedding, souvenirs are one of the items that should not be missed. Souvenirs are souvenirs as well as one form of gratitude from the bride and groom to the invited guests who have attended to the wedding. You can also order it through the online store so you don’t have to bother to make it yourself. Here are all kinds of unique and funny wedding souvenirs.

Kinds of souvenirs for the wedding


This one souvenir has a high use value so you will not feel lost if you choose a pouch as a souvenir for a wedding party. Pouch is usually used during daily activities to store coins, accessories and other objects. Choosing a pouch with an attractive design will certainly make it look more classy and not look cheap even though the price is quite cheap.

Pouch Souvenir or Pouch Shabby unique only sold at a price of about Rp. 4,300 to Rp.5,000 in the online store. There are so many unique and funny designs and you can also add your name or initials when ordering. In addition, you can also custom design pouch or pouch type as desired.

Handmade Soap

Soap has become one of the human needs that must be met so that soap can be included in the list of various wedding souvenirs. Besides being useful for bathing, handmade soap also has a distinctive fragrance and makes your guests want to use it again and again. Without having to give goods at very expensive prices, handmade soap that is packaged beautifully is sure to make invited guests feel happy.

This one souvenir is usually offered at a fairly varied price, starting from Rp. 3,000 to Rp. 13,000 for each.  To make it look more luxurious and attractive, you just need to pack it with brown paper on which there are the names of the bride and groom. To add a unique impression, you can add a sweet quote on the back of the package.

Pencil With Dictionary Theme

This one souvenir can also be included in the list of various wedding souvenirs so that your wedding looks different from millions of other weddings in general. It is undeniable that often you have to be good at choosing souvenirs for the wedding so that the guests feel happy. So without realizing it you have to spend a lot of money just to buy souvenirs.

Pencils with a dictionary theme can be a choice of souvenirs for your wedding. By adding a unique and interesting design then this pencil you can make as a souvenir. You can get this item at prices starting from Rp.1,000 per seed, depending on the quality of the wood used. To make it seem more interesting, you can wrap it in a small pastel-colored box and fill the city with 2-3 pencils.

Batik Fan

Choosing souvenirs for the wedding must be adjusted to the budget. If you are smart and selective in choosing souvenirs then you can also get souvenirs at very cheap and good prices. You can enter this batik fan in the list of various wedding souvenirs because it is very easy to get and the price is quite cheap.

For jumbo size batik fans are usually sold at a price of around Rp.5,500 per piece with tile packaging and Rp.6000 per piece if using Mica packaging. You do not need to bother anymore to wrap it because the price is already included with the wrapper. With a choice of diverse motifs and colors will certainly make you confused in making a choice. Usually the minimum purchase for this souvenir is 300 uah.

Key chain

Although it looks small and trivial, but this thing is definitely used by everyone. Key chains have enormous benefits, one of which is to keep the keys from being easily lost. You can choose a unique and different keychain design so that this souvenir looks unusual. For the price offered is very affordable and will not make the bag burst.

Such as guitar key chains or football shirts are usually sold for only Rp. 350 only per piece with a minimum order of 100 pieces. So this one item you can include in the list of various wedding souvenirs because even though the price is cheap, it will not look cheap if you choose the right and appropriate design.

Mini Plants

Thank you can use a variety of ways one of them by giving souvenirs. If you want a souvenir given can be useful then you can give a glass pot along with the plant. The price is not too expensive, for one small pot sold at Rp.1000 and for ornamental plants sold only at Rp.3000. You can stick a greeting card on it and coupled with a little sweet quotes.

Coffee Potion Reaction Tube

If you want to impress the invited guests with the souvenirs given, then you can choose a coffee potion reaction tube as a souvenir for your wedding. You can make this one souvenir yourself at home, so you only need to prepare the ingredients such as test tubes, sugar, coffee, to label the brewing method.

You can buy test tubes at research equipment stores that start at Rp.3,500 depending on the size chosen. After that, fill with coffee and sugar in layers using a funnel. You can add mocca, chocolate or milk and do not forget the label instructions how to brew. Setabung reaction coffee herb you can enter in the list of various wedding souvenirs to be used as a reference.

Chopsticks With Unique Packaging

Chopsticks have not become a foreign item for the people of Indonesia and not a few people who are already proficient in using them. Therefore, you can make chopsticks as one option to be used as a wedding souvenir. You just simply pack it with a brightly patterned cloth sheath then the chopsticks will already look luxurious.

In addition, you can also add beautiful words carved on the surface of the chopsticks to make it look unique and distinctive. Generally, the price offered for a pair of wooden chopsticks is around Rp. 3,000 to Rp.5,000 depending on the type. With a price that is quite affordable and pocket-friendly then you will not be disappointed if you choose chopsticks to be used as souvenirs, because this object is very useful for everyday life.

Although not everyone can use chopsticks, you don’t need to worry because chopsticks can also be used as decoration at home. You just need to make the packaging as attractive as possible so that the chopsticks look different from the rest. There are several types of chopsticks, ranging from wood to stainless steel and the price varies depending on the type of chopsticks chosen.

Souvenirs are indeed an important part of the wedding party so you have to think carefully before making a choice. In addition to beautiful, unique and cheap, packing it beautifully is also one of the important factors so that souvenirs look attractive. Those are some wedding souvenirs that you can make as a reference. Choose a souvenir whose price suits your budget.

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