Latest Vava Xp2 (Iphone-X Models) Prices And Specifications!

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Latest VAVA XP2 (iPhone-X models) prices and specifications!

Prices and specifications. Iphone X Mode ala Vava smartphone, namely VAVA XP2. Not yet outdated release vava XP1, hp android vava XP2 already slid aja nih. But if I say the design is very interesting, similar to the appearance below, this phone is very similar to Apple’s premium phone that looks glamorous and elegant. But the hope is not just a saucy design, vava XP2 should also be loaded with specifications that are quite capable considering the price also touches 1 million rupiah. Curious about the iPhone X twin of the latest model vava XP 2? Advantages disadvantages, price and specs? Directly seen in the day.

The display is really premium, the operation is also very comfortable with a 5.5 inch HD wide screen and IPS Display technology, a very good display coupled with quite capable camera capabilities. The rear camera that already has a flash has a large 8MP and 5MP front camera, as a result quite detailed and bright. Other advantages of the vava XP2 phone are the latest security features, namely fingerprint and support for Face ID/ Face unlock, a feature that can be activated to identify users through facial recognition algorithms. Well, the feature is certainly really cool and very profitable even though the price of this one android VAVA phone is only 1 million. Although similar to the Iphone X, of course VAVA XP 2 is still the same as XP1, which runs on the android OS platform. And so with the features contained therein, there are other interesting features in the smartphone Vava namely vava smart-Function including smart access, face id and so on similar to the type VAVA XP1.
Already supported with a wide display, the performance is also quite smooth to run. For those who like to download games or multitasking, the XP2 loads a Quadcore CPU with 1GB of RAM and 16GB of ROM. Investigate have investigated, it turns out that the amount of RAM Vava XP2 is not as large as its predecessor XP1. Makara about performance, it seems Mobile VAVA XP1 still faster with RAM2GB. The XP2 is Cheaper. But about the internal memory is quite satisfactory, fans of android games and the latest applications can be downloaded as much as possible in 16GB storage. And there is still an external storage slot if needed. Who wants to know about the battery capacity, reportedly the latest android phone Vava uses a power of 2000mAh is sufficient for normal use.

Made with a full screen design, in the picture above it looks similar without a bezel so that the wide screen displayed does not create a swollen vava body. As a result, it looks like a premium phone, so the front and back chapters are almost like the Iphone X. If XP 1 is sold around 1.6 million rupiah, interestingly the latest smartphone type XP 2 is only priced at 1.1 million only. Regarding the shortcomings, hp vava XP2 does not support 4G networks for the internet.

Vava XP2 price Rp 1,190,000


Specification :
LCD 5.5 ” HD IPS Full Screen
QuadCore 1.3 Ghz
8MP rear Camera
Front Camera 5MP
2000mAh battery
Face ID Support

Vava XP2 is the latest generation of intelligent phones from Vava Mobile, previously there vava X1 and vava XP1 which was already on the market. Still in the entry segment the presence of the vava XP2 in the entry level class with a number of advantages and low prices offered I think will be quite explosive. More more memory is 16GB, a capable camera, and a large HD quality screen, beyond the iphone X-like appearance, elegant and slim design.

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