Hp Android NLG G2 latest, bring Ram 2GB cheapest price

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HP Android NLG G2 latest, bring RAM 2GB cheapest price. NLG Smartphone, some time later BlogHargaHP review type NLG G1 and NLG G3 which became the first device with the android operating system. NLG G2 is one of the android phones that complement the NLG type of smartphone. Below you can see the price and specifications. There is no difference in quality between the NLG G2 and its predecessor smartphones, as well as the price of the company offering devices with android 6 is still below 1 million rupiah.

In response to the tight sales of smartphones today NLG shows its Android smartphone products at a price that is much cheaper than the smartphone class tag. The set price for the HP NLG G2 is around 600 thousand. If you look at the memory specifications, I call that this is the best cheap smartphone. Only 600 thousand, this cellphone brings bigger 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM in other words the same as Xiaomi 5A memory or a class phone that can be purchased at a price of 1 to 2 million.

If you look at the specifications in general, this android phone is quite identical to the NLG G1 and G3 versions. This Chinese Smartphone uses Android Lollipop version and Quadcore processor, thanks to 2GB RAM performance feels fast and light, fully supports multitasking Affairs . another very interesting chapter is the screen, the 5-inch touch screen feels comfortable for all purposes. The definition is already HD so that it looks bright when opening content, media players and so on on the cellphone.

Price HP Android NLG G2

Current new price Rp 675.000

Specification of HP NLG G2 Android

Hp android 600 thousands is quite a lot and easy to find but the cheap price is often a lot of shortcomings that become a problem. Most noticeably it’s in the memory and camera quality. Small resolution and less clear photos. Likewise the installation of applications and data storage space is often full where there is only 8GB ROM on hp 600 thousands mostly. Not until there, the screen size and sharpness of the screen is sometimes not so adequate, for the period of multimedia smartphone screen at least 5 inch is still rarely priced at 600 thousand. If based on me, NLG G2 is a cheap android phone with the most elegant quality at this time. As in the spec rumors that can be seen above, the NLG G2 Android phone carries the largest memory, qualified camera quality, and 5 inch HD screen display, recommended android phones that are worth buying.

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