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Taking care of vehicle registration is mandatory for motor vehicle owners. The reason is, this one document is so important and always carried when driving so as not to get a ticket. Vehicle registration, or abbreviation of Vehicle Number. is a letter of identity of the original vehicle owner. Every time you buy a new and used car or motorcycle, you will get a vehicle registration.

In addition to the driver’s license, vehicle registration is mandatory when driving. One of them is to not get a ticket. But its function is more than that, namely as proof of ownership of a motor vehicle. Given the importance of vehicle registration function. then you should store it well, so that it is not lost or damaged.

But don’t worry. If the vehicle registration is lost or damaged, you can still take care of it. Then how? Check out the following explanation.

How to manage a lost vehicle registration

To take care of a lost vehicle registration, you can follow these steps.

Create a vehicle registration loss report

When you feel like you’ve lost your vehicle registration. Immediately to the nearest police station (Polsek or Polres) to make a report of loss. The officer will make a certificate of loss of vehicle registration for you. This letter you will take to take care of making a new vehicle registration, replacing the lost vehicle registration.

Prepare the completeness file as an administrative requirement

To take care of a lost vehicle registration, some document requirements must also be prepared. Namely, the original owner of the vehicle ID card (photocopy and original), photocopy of the lost vehicle registration, bpkb photocopy and original, and bring a certificate of loss that you made at the police station.

The SAMSAT Office

After the above requirements are complete, now you just take it to the Samsat office, which is the place of validation/issuance of vehicle registration. In Samsat, you will follow the following procedures for managing a lost vehicle registration :

  • The officer will check the physical vehicle, frame number and engine. Then, the results of the physical check of the vehicle are photocopied after checking.
  • Fill Out The Form
  • You as the applicant will also fill out a registration form. Fill in the data correctly and completely, then submit it to the lost vehicle registration counter. also submit the requirements documents that you have prepared.
  • Perform a block check. That is, the vehicle registration certificate is missing from Samsat. This letter contains information whether your vehicle registration is missing in the search status or blocked. To check the block you must attach the results of the physical check of the vehicle.
  • when your vehicle registration is lost, then you take care of a new vehicle registration and this is processed at the BBN II Samsat counter. Here, please submit all documents to the officer, including a lost certificate from Samsat.
  • You will also pay vehicle tax when the vehicle registration transaction is lost. If you pay, you don’t pay taxes anymore.

Cost of taking care of lost vehicle registration

How much do you pay for lost vehicle registration? many may ask.  Curious to know, especially if you’ve never taken care of it. For the cost of issuing a new vehicle registration in lieu of a lost vehicle registration, the following fees are charged.

  • For two-wheeled or three-wheeled motorcycles, as well as public transport (angkot) charged biata of Rp. Rp 50,000; (Fifty Thousand Rupiah).
  • As for cars or motor vehicles more than four wheels, a fee of Rp 75,000; (seventy-five thousand Rupiah).
  • Meanwhile, there is no charge alias free of charge in the management of vehicle registration verification.  After you know the cost and pay it, you just need to provide proof of payment from the cashier to the new vehicle registration Collection section
  • Next you wait in line or call to take the vehicle registration and take the local tax assessment (SKPD) ready.

Well that’s how to take care of vehicle registration lost in Samsat and details of the cost, this applies in all regions of Indonesia. Can I take care of a lost vehicle registration Online ? For now, taking care of the lost vehicle registration is still done directly as in the explanation above.

Manage vehicle registration Online

Although not yet able to take care of the vehicle registration lost online. But you can check taxes and pay taxes while extending your vehicle registration online in the Samolnas and e-Samsat applications. Online vehicle registration renewal can also be processed at Gojek and Samsat Drive Thru, including taking care of 5 annual vehicle registration.

Terms of renew vehicle registration online at Samolnas.

For online vehicle registration renewal in Samolnas. The following conditions must be met vehicle owners :

  • Make sure your vehicle is in
  • Vehicle registration verification Status 1 year.
  • Also make sure that the vehicle registration is in active/on status.
  • Include vehicle owner documents including KTP, vehicle registration and original BPKB.
  • No late taxes more than a year and the vehicle is not damaged or lost, no traffic accidents or ranmor or criminal.

How to renew vehicle registration online at Samolnas

After you fulfill the terms and conditions above, now just process the renewal of the vehicle registration online at Samolnas. Here are the steps :

  • The first step, donlot and install the Samolnas application in the Play Store for android users and in the Apple Store for Iphone users.
  • Second step, open the app. please register your data. Make sure the data is filled in correctly and completely.
  • The third step, after successful registration you can start operating the application. Open and select the Motor Vehicle Tax (PKB) menu, click Register.
  • The fourth step, fill in the complete data regarding the specifications of your vehicle, including the origin of the vehicle to the police number.
  • The fifth step, click” Search”, to check the amount of your vehicle tax to be paid.
  • The fifth step, you choose the city where to take the tax that has been paid and ask for a pay code to process your vehicle tax payment.
  • The sixth step, after obtaining the pay code, you transfer the tax payment money. Don’t forget to keep the proof of payment.
  • The next step, you still have to come to the Samsat office to submit an online vehicle registration renewal document file, namely e-KTP, original vehicle registration, and proof of tax payment.  Isn’t it easy to take care of online vehicle tax renewal in the Samolnas application? You can also extend the vehicle registration tax online at E-Samsat. Here’s how :

How to extend vehicle registration tax Online at e-Samsat

  • Open the official website of e-Samsat according to your province. Then fill in your vehicle data completely. Including the police number/license plate of the vehicle, to the city of origin of the vehicle.
  • Next, fill in the information of the city where you will take the tax note in the form provided.
  • Then you select the nearest Samsat option and choose the type of Bank for the tax payment process, then click on the pay code submission. This code is a series of numbers.
  • You just have to pay according to the bill can be via ATM or internet banking. Do not forget to save the proof of transfer.
  • Finally,you can take the vehicle tax payment note at the nearest Samsat you chose.

That’s how to extend vehicle registration online via e-Samsat.  In addition, you also take care of vehicle registration in Samsat Drive Thru, and applications such as Gojek, with procedures and requirements that are approximately the same as how to pay vehicle tax online in e-samsat and in the Samolnas application.

Cost and Terms of renew vehicle registration Online

The cost of online vehicle registration renewal is the same amount as the direct vehicle registration renewal, which is Rp. 100 thousand for the extension of the vehicle registration online car or the manufacture of a new vehicle registration. As for the cost of issuing tnkb car costs Rp.60,000 thousand and the cost of making BPKB.Rp225, 000.

Annual online vehicle registration renewal terms (car/motorcycle) :

  • prepare KTP according to the name in STNI / BPKB.
  • Prepare BPKB, original vehicle registration for proof of vehicle ownership.
  • Prepare money according to the amount of tax liabilities to be paid.

Requirements to manage vehicle registration 5 years Online

The terms of renewing a 5-year online vehicle registration are the same as managing a 5-year vehicle registration directly. Prepare vehicle registration, original BPKB ID card whose tax will be extended. Because it will be checked engine number and frame number. Also prepare the cost of taking care of the 5 annual vehicle registration according to the amount.

Well that was the information about how to take care of a new or missing vehicle registration complete with the requirements and steps of the process. You can also check and pay your vehicle tax online through the e-Samsat application, Samolnas, Gojek and others as described above. To note that to nengurusan vehicle registration is lost, the process is still done directly or offline. And this can be done in all regions of Indonesia through the nearest Samsat office. May be useful.

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