How To Fix Terpentet Laptop Keyboard itself or sensitive

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Article How To Fix laptop Keyboard Terpecet own or sensitive is based on a true story and not fictitious hehehe when typing without looking at the keyboard keys, both my index fingers are always looking for the position of the letter’ f ‘for the left index and’ j ‘ for the right index. Both of these buttons have been marked in the form of a special bump, so that both the index finger can easily find it and place the position with the right.
However, how surprised I was that my ‘j’ button was suddenly very sensitive. Not pressed already issued the letter j in large quantities. Wow! kontan I was shocked. Wah-wah ne button must be error. Sensi really tuh hehehe: -) understandably it may be too much invited online until the ‘ j ‘ button becomes sensi. I tried again touching-not pressing-the ‘j ‘ button, it turns out that this button is no longer working normally.
I also checked the entire netbook keyboard keys. Maybe the other sensi is not only the ‘j’ button but also other buttons. As a result the ‘> ‘ button is also being sensi. Checking I did using software keyboard checker which can be downloaded for free from the internet. God willing, I will make the tutorial next time. From this check it is true that the ‘j ‘ Button and the ‘>’ button do not work as they should. Just touched a little letter ‘j’ and’ > ‘ already bobbed dozens in notepad.

Wow! this is the time for my netbook. I immediately did how to fix the laptop Keyboard Terpentet itself or sensitive. God’s people can do it all by themselves. Of course with computer technician guide it’s free. Now let’s just look at my experience of dismantling and curing these two important buttons.
Required equipment :
1. Cutter
2. Small minus screwdriver
3. Soft brush
Well here’s step by step how to fix Terpentet Laptop Keyboard itself or sensitive :
1. Turn off your netbook to avoid things you don’t want.
2. Congkel slowly the buttons are problematic, in my case it’s the ‘j’ Button and the ‘>’button. Prying it can use a small minus screwdriver or the tip of the cutter
3. Clean using a brush, in my case it turned out that under the ‘j’ and ‘>’ buttons there is a lot of dirt, especially from dust.
4. Insert the end of the cutter under the plate that is under the flexible rubber of your keyboard keys.
5. Move the end of the cutter slowly and be careful not to break the keyboard path. Do it repeatedly, because the cause of the sensitive keyboard is due to dirt or rust or damp dust stuck under it.
How To Fix Terpentet Laptop Keyboard itself or sensitive image
6. Turn on your laptop. Try touching the rubber of the problematic letter key.In my case, the keys ‘j’and ‘ >’. It turns out that the ‘j ‘ button has not worked. I repeated the 5th way on the other side of the plate. I checked again and thank God it worked! 🙂
8. Close the keyboard rubber back with the keys that have been removed earlier. The method is quite easy, just by installing and pressing the button has been installed again.
9. Say Alhamdulillah, finally my Button is completely healed and no longer sensi. As maintenance I also clean the sidelines of the keyboard using a soft brush. Or if you have, you can use a mini vacuum cleaner.
Thus the article computer tips on how to fix the laptop Keyboard Terpecet own or sensitive, hopefully this article can complement the laptop technician ebook for you. If you can service your own laptop, why spend a lot of money to wait for your laptop ‘school’to the service? hehehe: -) greetings success, barakallahu Lana walakum fi ulumina wa ulumikum. Amin

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