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Hidetools Spy Monitor is a computer spy software and make notes secretly.

Hidetools Spy Monitor can automatically create log reports and

send it to your email address. It allows you to monitor your PC from any place where you

can check your email.

Spy Monitor Hidetools provides many important computer monitoring features. It is easy to use

monitoring software includes powerful keylogger, taking screenshots, programs and websites

logging, monitoring of computer activity.
* keystrokes Typed
Spy Monitor secretly Hidetools records every keystrokes typed on your shared computer

application title and time. Also, it allows you to record passwords easily. Each

users can be monitored.
* Website Visited
Spy monitor Hidetools records all website addresses (URLs) along with the Site title and

date / time of visit. The Program supports the latest versions of the following browsers:

Internet Explorer, Netscape, Opera, Mozilla Firefox and America Online.
* Application Activity Logging
Spy monitor Hidetools keeps track of all programs used on your computer. Logs are also included when

the app is activated, paused, and how long it is actually used.
* Capturing Screenshot
Spy monitor Hidetools captures screenshots of the computer screen at intervals specified by

you. Screenshots can be capture as often as once per minute. See what users are

do it at that time!
* Computer Activity
Our Program controls the time that users spend on your computer. Spy monitor Hidetools logs all

system activities (shutdowns and user logons).
* Remote Monitoring
Our spy software may automatically send log reports to your email address. This allows

Monitor your PC from any place where you can check your email. You can include

or all report option, which allows you to send only the activity you want to your email

* Hidden Programs
The Program works silently and nobody can detect it. Only you will know that spy Monitor

* Password Protection
Hidetools Spy Monitor is password protected to prevent monitoring shut down and options

change. Only the person who knows the special hotkey and password can access

* Windows Vista
The Program is designed for Windows Vista/98/2000/NT / XP.

government offices, etc
* Parental Control
Many parents worry about what their children are doing on the computer. Do they do housework or

play? Parents want to protect them from conversations with strangers, assault

website and so on. With Hidetools Spy Monitor you will be able to see all your kids

computer activity and detecting problems.
* Employee Monitoring
The computer is the main means of work and the main means of entertainment. Now the employer has

new anxiety – instant messengers, internet surfing, on-line games, e-mail, chat,

with our program, you will find problems with the employees, prevent

theft important information, improve discipline and increase the productivity of your company!
* Couples Monitoring
Couples monitoring software is the easiest way to discover the truth about your partner and

uncover suspicions. Spy Monitor Hidetools is totally invisible so is the most dangerous

methods. You just need to install our software and a detailed log report will be sent to

e-mail address. What can be an easier way to dispel your destructive suspicions

* Schools and institutions
Our software helps public institutions to prevent the use of unsuitable computers and computers

* Personal Control
With Hidetools Spy Monitor you can track if your computer is used without your permission

while you’re away and how. It allows you to protect your privacy and security.
* Backup Files
Using Hidetools Spy Monitor you can save your time by preventing incidental data damage. To

Example: you can return typed text, visited websites and so on.

Source : http://ardiancaisar.blogspot.com/2012/09/hidetools-spy-monitor-keylongger.html

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