Xcom Salary 6 Latest Android Price And Specifications

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XCOM HONOR 6 latest Android price and specifications.

Synonymous with the name Honor 6, XCOM mobile phone Honor 6 is the first Android big Screen phone from XCOM carrying a 6.5 inch HD resolution screen. The size in the widest design first, and arguably XCOM’s first phablet that has just been released. Mobile phone / phablet android 6.5 inch it will be released at a bargain price. To get it, enough with a budget of 700 thousand. It seems that the price is very competitive for a smart device like the XCOM HONOR 6. Then what about memory capacity, RAM, camera and other specifications? Here’s more price news and the latest XCOM salary 6 specs.

When talking about XCOM Android phone products, especially those with wide displays there are XCOM I5 and also XCOM Honor 5. But the XCOM Honor 6 comes in the largest size. Previously on the XCOM I5 and Honor 5, it used a 5.5-inch touch screen. Interestingly, when talking about price, the latest hp XCOM Honor 6 is still cheaper than the 2 products mentioned. Yes, only 700 thousand. So what are the advantages and disadvantages?

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Although priced at the cheapest, XCOM embeds considerable memory on salary 6. 1GB RAM and 8GB ROM capacity, the same as the memory loaded XCOM i5 and XCOM Honor 5. Dual camera resolution is also quite impressive, for a cheap phablet only 700 thousands, large camera embedded XCOM mobile namely 2MP and 5MP. Salary performance 6 will be supported by a 1.2 Ghz Quadcore processor so that it is quite smooth and fast to operate many types of games and applications. With the benefits of Android Lollipop, hp XCOM Honor 6 can support all types of android applications that can be downloaded and installed on this smartphone. Both applications, games, music and other content XCOM provides 8GB of internal memory space and an additional memory slot.

The drawback, this smartphone does not support 4G to access the internet. Quite reasonable considering that this discerning device is sold at a very low price. Similarly, when compared to the previous XCOM I5 and Honor 5, it also still uses 3G network frequencies. Another drawback may be the battery capacity. As a multimedia device with a wide display, the capacity of 2600mAh is not so great.

Cheap price with a number of advantages, hp XCOM Honor 6 is a recommended choice for the 700 thousand budget you have. Already able to get a 6.5 inch android phone, good camera, and CPU specifications that do not disappoint quickly. Buy exclusively at the nearest mobile phone store or order on the website of the online store of your subscription, at a very cheap price.

Current price XCOM mobile Honor 6 Rp 725.000

Specification of XCOM mobile phone Honor 6 Android:

Quadcore 1.2 Ghz

Android 5.0 Lollipop

HD resolution 6.5 touch screen

2600mAh battery


Camera 5MP, front 2MP

3G GSM 900/1800 / 2100MHz

Multimedia player, WiFi connectivity, bluetooth, GPS

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