Wedding Preparation, Let’s See How To Make A Parcel As Happy As A Wedding

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One of the things that must be prepared by the groom on the day before the wedding is seserahan or parcel nikah. Seserahan is a symbol that symbolizes the husband’s ability to meet his household needs later so that the appearance of seserahan becomes beautiful, see how to make the following wedding seserahan parcel.

How To Make A Wedding Delivery Seserahan

Determine The Amount Of Seserahan You Want To Carry

In bringing seserahan marriage, there is actually no definite benchmark of how much delivery should be prepared prospective husband. But because this seserahan can mean the husband’s ability to meet the needs of the wife later, then it’s good to prepare a wedding parcel in accordance with the budget and capabilities that are agreed by the men and approved by the women.

In a marriage that adheres to Javanese custom,the number of seserahan for the future wife is recommended to be odd.  While the wife can repay him with an amount less than the marriage parcel he has received. In contrast to the wedding in accordance with the Chinese ethnicity, the recommended number of seserahan is an even number and a maximum of up to 12 boxes. Ethnic Chinese strongly avoid giving seserahan with an odd number.

Specify The Contents Of The Seserahan To Be Given

Before getting into how to make a wedding parcel delivery, the important thing that must be determined beforehand is the content of the delivery. Just like the number of items given, there are no specific rules regarding the content that must be on the wedding delivery. However, in some customs, there are several kinds of goods that must be on the contents of seserahan. Usually, the contents are in the form of various appearance supports that can be used throughout the body.

One of the common wedding gifts given and always there is, worship equipment. Worship equipment is given in accordance with the beliefs of each bride and groom. Not just an ordinary delivery, prayer equipment is a symbolic form of hope for a happy married life and always be in his protection.

In addition, the items that must be in every delivery are food and fruit. In some customs there are usually some certain traditional cakes that must be brought because it has a symbolic meaning that is believed by earlier people. Like Diamond cake and cake trays that have the hope that this married couple will be more sticky. Or the meaning of crocodile bread which symbolizes loyalty in a marriage.

Categorize Passes According To Their Type

Furthermore, to simplify how to make a parcel as happy as a wedding, you can group items according to their type. After deciding what items to give as a gift, grouping will simplify the packaging process. You can group them into several categories with the same type of delivery items which will then be packaged in one parcel form.

For example, you can group worship equipment with various other worship needs. Like a set of tools prayer box with stuffing mukenah, tasbih, and Al-Quran can be arranged in such a way on 1 the same box. Likewise with various types of makeup or food luggage. Do not let the prayer equipment scattered in the jewelry box or other. This will make the gift not beautiful.

Define A Theme For Wrapping The Package

Since it is done only once in life, then it does not hurt to wrap seserahan beautifully. Currently, many references are as bright as weddings that have themes that attract attention by playing on the design, pattern and color of the packaging. You can customize the delivery packaging according to the theme of your wedding or application. For example, your wedding has an elegant party concept, then make a delivery box to also look elegant.

As some safe options, you can decorate the wedding gift box using shades of pastel colors. Pastel colors tend to be soft and neutral to fit into any atmosphere. You can put the delivery items in a unique container, not necessarily in the form of a box. Then, to make it more expensive, using a wooden container or rattan basket will make your parcel look expensive.

Taking an exclusive theme and impression you can implement with the use of wooden boxes with beautiful carved motifs. If the wooden box is considered too expensive, you can still get around it using an ordinary box with an exclusive model. You can also choose colors like gold or gray with a glossy impression. To beautify add accessories in the form of roses or ribbons of matching colors.

Packing According To Category

Various tips and inspiration on how to make a unique wedding parcel has been found on the internet and magazines. These interesting ideas you can try to put into practice. In order not to seem monotonous and boring, you can pack it in various forms of attractive packaging with a variety of creative ideas. This step is very easy to do yourself, without the need to hire a wedding delivery service at an expensive cost.

Usually, a set of prayer tools is a guide that can be created easily and many models. The design that is often used for a set of prayer tools as a conducting item is the shape of a mosque dome or a swan. Making the shape of the dome of the mosque from mukena, can be done using a mold in the form of a plastic ball that has been cut so that it is semicircular that resembles the dome of the mosque.

Materials For Making Wedding Packaging

When the previous five steps have been done, how to make a parcel as happy as the next wedding is to prepare all the materials to make wedding packaging. Supposedly, the materials that need to be provided depend on the desired theme and design. However, usually some of these materials become tools and materials commonly used to make parcel packaging as bright as a wedding.

You need a box to put things in order. You are free to choose the type of box you want. Wooden boxes, rattan baskets or boxes made of boxes are places that are commonly used to put sundries parcel wedding. In addition, you also need some tools such as paperboard, scissors, needle pentul, glue and also various forms of ribbons and accessories to make the wedding more beautiful.

Wedding Wrapping Technique

After all the materials and all the wedding parcel items are ready, the last step is to start packing the wedding package. Usually, this parcel wrapping technique can be adjusted to the wishes of the bride and groom. One example of a pass wrapping technique that is often done is the lining technique or providing a base on the entire surface of the delivery place, to make a luxurious impression on the pass.

Technical or how to make parcel seserahan other wedding that is often used because the easy process is to beautify the appearance of packaging seserahan using several different materials. Like the use of lace with sweet floral accessories. Or a ribbon with a pretty flower in the middle. This technique is very easy to do.

Seserahan in marriage, has its own meaning for the bride and groom. The gift of seserahan is also symbolized as a form of a man’s ability to meet the needs of his woman later. Because it has a very deep meaning and is also only done once in a lifetime, it never hurts to make the appearance of the wedding delivery beautiful and leave an impression.

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