Wedding Moments Are More Memorable, Here Are 8 Modern Wedding Reception Arrangement Ideas

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The arrangement of events in wedding receptions in Indonesia often has a standard structure that is easy to predict. Generally, the arrangement will not escape the welcome, the procession of parents and families of the bride and groom are brought together, and followed by a procession of the bride and groom into the room to pray. If you want a more exciting and intimate wedding impression, consider the following modern wedding reception arrangement.

Some Events That Can Be Inserted In The Composition Of The Reception To Make It More Memorable

Special Performance

The following event can be a highlight at a reception. There are so many ideas that you can apply regarding special performance, such as performing with your partner and singing your favorite songs together, offering songs from the bridesmaids, even you can also present a special singer who will evoke the atmosphere of the wedding reception. Surely every moment of your reception event will be more memorable.

Not only that, you can also present music performances from bands that are known to many people. Usually, some guests will join late in the music of the band displayed, so that your reception will be more festive. If you carry out an outdoor wedding reception, you can also still display a special performance without any obstacles. The key, show entertainment that wedding guests will love.

Couple Dance

Couple dance can be an interesting moment at the reception. The bride and groom will usually be invited to the dance floor to dance together. Generally, this activity is accompanied by relaxing music and soft romantic impression. In the arrangement of this modern wedding reception, the bride and groom will usually dance in the middle of the guests who also dance. This event will definitely make your wedding reception memorable.

Couple dance is one of the activities that can be said to be the most exciting at the reception. In fact, not infrequently people perform unique dances such as, flash mob, modern dance, dangdut, and so forth. Whatever the form of dance, couple dance is one of the cool additional activity ideas and worth checking out. In addition to being able to strengthen the couple’s relationship, every moment of your wedding will be remembered by everyone.

Exciting Games Of The Bride And Groom

Creating fun and funny moments with your partner can be an unforgettable thing. There are so many game events that you can apply and tuck in the modern wedding reception schedule. With the help of the host or MC, you can create an exciting game in the middle of the reception. Usually, guests will dissolve into the event so that they will participate to enliven the exciting game.

Some exciting game ideas that you can apply are guessing words through sound, guessing partner perfume, and so on. You can also hold a fun game with some bridal Delivery Group so that the exciting impression is even more created. This game event will be even more exciting if the winners are given prizes or gifts. In addition to adding to the romance of the couple, your wedding event is also more memorable.

Another game that you can insert in the next respsi arrangement is a photo contest. Not only adds a level of excitement in the wedding party event, this game can also add unique stock photos in the gallery. The trick is, the host can tell that the photo contest game is about to start. Some interesting moments that can be immortalized such as, when dancing, when eating wedding dishes, or while playing other games.

Every immortalized moment will get the best assessment from the organizers of the modern wedding reception schedule. The most beautiful and interesting photo will be the winner and get the prepared prize. Thus, your wedding event will be more festive. Not only that, a collection of photos of every moment of your wedding will be well captured. After the event is over, you can share the photo collection.

Gift Giving Event

To create a memorable, exciting, and intimate wedding event must involve the families of the bride and groom. If possible, you or your partner can prepare a surprise gift to give to parents. This gift-giving event is guaranteed to give the impression of emotion. Not only that, you can make this opportunity a place of pronunciation and a sign of gratitude to both parents who have raised.

Every gift a child gives to his parents will always be valuable. If you feel that you are still unable to give extraordinary gifts, you can also give simple but meaningful gifts to them. As a formal expression of gratitude, do not forget to thank your spouse’s parents, who have allowed you to marry their child. This modern wedding reception arrangement will sting heartwarming.

Throw Flowers

Flowers brought by the bride have the meaning of beauty and fertility. The procession of throwing flowers is predicted to have the meaning that whoever catches it will follow to get married. Usually, this event is done to present an exciting impression for guests who hope to release their bachelorhood quickly. Of course, every single guest will also expect the same prayer.

Tarot Booth

The event that is becoming a trend today is to provide a spot tarot booth. For some people, of course, this is unusual, but by presenting a tarot booth spot, your wedding event will become more unique. Attendees and close relatives can consult on their romance directly during your reception. Whether or not the results of the forecast are correct, it is important that the reception be exciting and memorable.

After Party

The idea of a modern reception event that you can apply is after party. Usually the relatives and friends will continue the wedding party overnight. You can take this opportunity to hold a wedding celebration that will always be remembered. This after party activity is also a form of thank you with your partner to relatives and friends who have helped prepare all the needs of the event.

Modern wedding reception arrangements that you can do such as karaoke, hotel longue, bowling party, and hotel room. In order to still be able to bring an interesting impression at the wedding, you should choose an exciting themed after party. With the excitement offered, close relatives and friends will still relax and enjoy the activity. This will also make your wedding more memorable.

Wedding day is an important moment that happens for a lifetime. Of course, every executor wants to celebrate the moment in a special way. But, to make a memorable and unforgettable reception event may be a difficult thing to do by some people. The key, you must be able to find interesting concepts that can be applied to the arrangement of the wedding party. Good luck!

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