Too many Blog names like Kang, Mas & Dzgn

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Too many Blog names like Kang, Mas & Dzgn

Kang, Mas and Dzgn are some of the URLs and/or blog names that I often find on the first page of Google.

I am 100% sure of the use of the word “Kang”, “Mas” and “Dzgn” starting from Kang Mousir (Kang); Mas Sugeng or Masyadi (Mas); and Arlina Dzgn (Dzgn).

Oh yes, all four are famous bloggers from Indonesia. They are old bloggers, their experience in the blogging world is longer than mine; even more famous (popular) than me, you, and him.

Too many Blog names like Kang, Mas & Dzgn

By no means offensive (attack) since there’s this thing I want to ask, why not create personal branding with your own personal name?

Why? In fact, personal branding that you create yourself will be easily known, remembered and/or known by readers if at any time they want to visit your website again.

For example? I take sample the easiest is yaaa… like SEO Killer Tips, — name and / or URL of this blog.

Word term “SEO Killer Tips” first used by Plato Web Design a few years ago.

The term is not well known, is not important, and (perhaps) some people assume that what is the meaning and meaning of the word of the term “SEO Killer Tips”.

Exactly 4 years ago, I popularized the word “SEO Killer” in Indonesia through the name of this blog. Somehow the story, the term “SEO Killer Tips” now it’s worldwide.

Please type in Google, “SEO Killer Tips”. You found many articles about “SEO Killer Tips” right? In fact, the site classmates Shotmeloud nor want to miss..!!!

Too many Blog names like Kang, Mas & Dzgn

In short, in a few years, I managed to create my own personal branding with the name “SEO Killer” although the “base”I quote from Plato Web Design. Thanks, PWD!

Is Your Blog the same as someone else’s Blog?

When you ask, “Is it wrong to use a blog name or URL that is almost like other sites?” the best answer is not wrong.

Why? At least, that’s the beginning of your motivation.

By using a blog name that is (almost) the same as the blog name idola you, at least you are a little motivated from the success and popularity of the blog name.

Trueright? Yes dong, there is a point too…

Tips For Choosing A Blog Domain Name

For those of you who want to change/replace, or are confused when determining a blog domain name, follow some of the suggestions below:

  1. According to the blog topic
  2. The name of the blog must be relevant to the URL of the blog itself
  3. Unique, interesting and Fresh (never used by any blog/site like Hipwee)
  4. The name or domain (URL/Link) of the blog should be easy to remember

The conclusion is to create your own personal branding you.

No need to imitate or follow up with someone else’s blog name because it reduces the value of your personal branding.

Thanks for visiting hope ur day is a good day!

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