Tips and tricks to become younger while wearing Hijab

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Who doesn’t want to look younger?

Many times we use clothes with colors, patterns, motifs or types of pieces that make us seem a few years older than our age. Not only look older, sometimes choosing the wrong clothes makes our skin look dull and not okay when photographed.

This also applies to choosing colors, patterns, motifs and types of hijab. We can not carelessly choose the hijab so as not to look a few years older than our age. Choosing a hijab that matches the appearance of our age is very important, especially for those of you who often meet many people in daily activities.

Calm down! In this article, we will give you some tips and tricks on choosing and using hijab so that you can look younger. In addition, we will also give some tips and tricks to combine matching hijab with suitable clothes to make it look more stylish and fresh.

Curious? Come on, check out the explanation below!

Tips and tricks for choosing Hijab Motif

Hijab has many types and motifs that can be combined and matched according to the tastes and needs of its users. If the hijab used to look boring because it only plays on the color and type of cut, along with the development of fashion trends, hijab currently has many motifs and types of fabrics used.

The number of motifs and types of hijab is a reaction to consumer needs that vary from day to day. Hijab Fashion is not far behind with non-hijab fashion, right? Wearing hijab motif sometimes becomes a challenge for some people. Not infrequently, we choose the wrong color and motif hijab that makes our faces look dull and older than our original Age.

Not fun, right? Well, below are some tips on choosing hijab motifs to look young. Anything?

Avoid Big Motives

The first tip is to avoid choosing or using hijab with large motifs, such as circular or round motifs and large floral motifs. Although it looks beautiful, it turns out that these motifs can make our faces look small and a few years older than our age. Large motifs on the hijab can ‘drown’ our faces.

In addition, hijab with large motifs also look too flashy when used. Seizing attention around because of the mix and match clothes that we use look suitable is certainly fun, but, if it seizes attention because the hijab we wear is too flashy and the impression is saltum or wrong costume, it certainly sucks.

Instead, you can still use a patterned hijab by choosing a small and minimalist motif. In addition, choose a hijab with a rare motif. That is, the distance between one motif and another is not too close. Motifs that are too crowded or lush can make our faces look small and dull, loh.

Choose Muted Colors

The second tip is to choose the right color. Avoid choosing and using colors that are too bright and flashy. This will make our face look dull and older than our original Age.

Choose colors that are comfortable to the eye. For example, like earth tone colors, namely dark green, black, dark brown, gray, and dark orange. You can also choose colors derived from these color types. Or, you can also choose other calm colors such as pastel colors that are warm and look bright but not flashy when viewed. Such as pastel yellow, pastel light blue, and pastel light brown.

The selection of these calm colors helps your hijab look more fresh, comfortable and stylish. Choosing calm colors can make your look look younger and trendy. Choose mix and match small motifs with calm colors for your choice of hijab motif. This look will make you look neat and much younger than your original Age.

Trying on when buying

In addition to choosing the right colors and motifs, make sure you try on the hijab that you will wear later when buying. This is to ensure whether the motif and color of the hijab you choose will suit your face shape and skin color type. Choosing the wrong hijab color can make your facial skin look dull and lethargic.

In addition, pay attention to whether the hijab will match your face shape, yes. Choosing the wrong hijab that does not fit the shape of the face can make the face look too small, too big or can highlight the shortcomings of our face – such as cheeks that are too chubby or chubby and The Shape of the forehead that is too wide.

The right mix and match

After choosing the right type of hijab, the next step is to mix and match or mix and match hijab with the right clothes. For those of you who like to use hijab motifs, it would be nice to choose and use mix and match with plain colored clothes. This is to avoid a look that is too crowded and too flashy when used.

In addition, choose a piece of clothing that matches the shape of the body. Clothes with pieces that are too tight or too loose can make you older than your original Age. Choose clothes that fit your body, that is, not too loose or too tight and show your curves.

For those who like to use plain hijab, you can also still use clothes without motifs with notes using colors that are not exactly the same as hijab. This can make your look too monotonous or boring.

You can also wear clothes with motifs, loh. Choose clothes with rare motifs or have few motifs and the distance between one motif and another is quite far. In addition, you can also choose clothes with motifs only at certain points. Like clothes with motifs only on the sleeves or only on the bottom edge of the clothes.

Other Tips, you can mix and match your hijab motif with monochrome colors. Namely by using tops, bottoms, footwear and accessories of one color taking from one of the colors on the hijab.

For example, for those of you who choose hijab with light brown and pastel yellow motifs, you can use tops, bottoms, footwear and light brown accessories. This is to avoid the display is too full and looks precision from all sides. You can also combine hijab motifs with pastel-colored outfits as long as they are still in one color derivative. The look with this combination makes the look look fresh and bright, but not striking in the eyes.

Hopefully the explanation in this article can add information and be an inspiration to all readers, yes!

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