Temporary ID card, know how to make and Terms of manufacture

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Now taking care of important papers, is not easy. For example, make an ID card. There are obstacles, whether it’s a blank out or the manufacturing process that takes weeks. So, present a temporary ID card as an alternative.

This letter, can be used to take care of something that requires E-KTP. It’s just, it’s just a substitute. That is, it cannot be used continuously because the form is just a paper certificate containing personal data.

Those of you who have not had time to take care of E-KTP, can make a temporary KTP statement letter. How to make a temporary ID card? Here’s the step.

Create a temporary ID card

Before discussing how to make a KTP letter, you need to know that each region has its own requirements. For example in the area of Surabaya. Here’s how to make a temporary ID card Surabaya.

  1. You go to the service office in the district, while carrying a file for an application for an ID card.
  2. You register with the clerk and you will get a registration queue number.
  3. Next you will be called according to the queue number and the officer will check the data.
  4. When it is, you will verify the data needed for the manufacture and printing of temporary ID cards.
  5. You have to wait until the temporary ID card is finished and can be used.

That’s how to make a temporary ID card for the Surabaya area. There is also for other regions, almost the same. Depending on the service of each district office or office in Dukcapil each region.

The question arises, What are the requirements or what things need to be prepared to make a temporary ID card statement? What are the conditions? Here’s the discussion.

Requirements to create a temporary ID card

Like the main requirement to make an E-KTP, so too with the requirement to make a temporary KTP letter. You must prepare a photocopy of The Ordinary Family Card abbreviated as KK, which has been signed by the head of the Civil Registry population office according to the place of residence.

You also have to prepare advanced files such as the files below:

  1. E-ID card recording. If you have never done E-KTP recording at all, you do not need to panic, because e-KTP recording will be done first.
  2. Color photographs with a size of 3*4 sebayak 1 sheet. However, it is worth providing a photo of 2 sheets just in case.
  3. Photocopy of E-KTP if you want to make changes or there is a change in your identity.
  4. Finally, provide a letter of loss of ID card from the police if you ever feel you have lost your E-ID card.

What about the requirements? Isn’t that so easy? For advice, it is better to make all the requirements files into one folder so that they are not scattered and make checking easier. Next, bring more copies that are meant to be just in case or as a backup.

You are afraid to come directly to take care of ID cards at the district office, it turns out that now you can take care of online or online, loh! This applies to all residents domicile Jakarta and non-domicile Jakarta.

According to many people, making an ID card online, it is easier. In fact it is. You only need to fill out the documents on the website of the Department of Population and Civil Registration commonly abbreviated as DukCapil. Site: https://alpukat-dukcapil.jakarta.go.id (external link)

You can also fill out documents through the avocado Betawi application which is already available on the Google Play Store and App Store. You will get a lot of information there related to community services to make ID cards online.

Here’s an example letter Temporary ID card, Can be directly edited

Take it to the respective village office-still just ask for a signature, no need to queue

for village letterhead can be downloaded here

Requirements to create an online ID card

For those of you who do not know what conditions are needed in the online ID card, the following will be shared what are the requirements. Prepare these conditions in advance before filling out the submission form.

Previously, you need to know that there are several reasons someone makes an ID card. In this case, make an online ID card. Some are because their ID cards are damaged, some are not in accordance with the domicile of residence, some are because the previous ID card is lost, and so on.

The following will discuss what requirements need to be prepared in accordance with the problems experienced.

Manage ID cards damaged and not in accordance with the domicile

Terms of care for damaged ID cards and not in accordance with the domicile as follows:

  1. Prepare a student card or student card or it could be a job description card that comes from the office where you work. Also prepare a domiciled reference letter from the head of RT. Also provide scans of Family Cards and scans of the original old E-KTP.
  2. Later, you will be able to download the statement letter through the site or through the application used. Next, you just have to fill out and don’t forget to save the form after filling in the PDF.

Lost ID

Terms of care for lost ID card as follows:

  1. Family Card Scan
  2. Also provide a certificate of loss from the police. Must be original and not photocopy.

If you do not have problems such as the exposure above, there are those because the ID card is damaged, there are those whose ID card does not match the domicile of residence, there are those because the previous ID card is lost, and so on, you can immediately create or record an E-ID card. Here are the terms.

  1. Make sure your mobile network and NIK, not experiencing interference. The reason is because printing can only be done if the network and NIK are not experiencing problems.
  2. For obstacles or problems that occur in NIK, it is recommended that you contact Dukcapil in your area.
  3. After that, you can immediately do the filling, recording, until printing E-KTP.

The waiting time is about 3*24 hours and you will get a notification via SMS or via your WhatsApp. For the manufacture of temporary ID card certificate Online, not yet available. Only serve the manufacture of temporary ID cards directly through the district Service office.

Temporary ID cards must be maintained properly and not lost. It will be very difficult, if the temporary ID card is lost. Because the shape of the letter, so make sure to always be awake whether it’s from the water, destructive animals such as termites, and so forth.

KTP letter temporarily lost

What if the temporary ID card is lost? Of course it will be very inconvenient. You have to take care of the reset again in the district or village Service office. Later you will be given a temporary ID card of the village.

From earlier, discussing temporary ID cards, but we have not seen examples of temporary ID cards. Actually, how about an example of one of those important letters? For those of you who have not taken care of a temporary KTP letter, you will definitely feel confused with what this letter looks like. Here is an example.

Well, that’s an example of a temporary ID card. In conclusion, the identity card is very important to take care of any files and various other purposes. So, having an ID card is very important.

Do not allow your ID card to be damaged or lost. Moreover, in this case, it is a temporary ID card certificate that is real and clearly packaged in the form of a letter or paper.

Know for yourself, if the paper is easily damaged, easily lost. So, it needs special attention from the owner. If you feel you have lost your temporary ID card, report immediately.

Hopefully this discussion, can benefit those of you who are looking for references.

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