SEO Seminar: participate or not? Depends…

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Want to join a Seminar or Workshop SEO Blog, YouTube and Google AdSense but doubt?

Fellow blogger… have you ever attended a blog SEO seminar, YouTube or Google AdSense? Or in one package among all?

How is the message and impression, is it interesting enough?

Do you have any ideas, dong?

Or is the seminar substandard and not qualified so that it does not meet expectations? Sorry for sure, waste of money… 🙂 or… have you ever been rejected as a member of a seminar because the speaker doesn’t like your friend?

SEO Seminar: participate or not? Depends...

Or is it because your knowledge is better than the speaker, so you are not accepted at the seminar held? :)))

Yahhh… no matter what the story is, everyone has their own story, including me.

SEO Seminar: to participate or not? Depends…

It depends on my friend at the time. If you feel you are capable and master Blogging, SEO and Google AdSense, why join the seminar?

Just need a certificate? Same! Hahaha…

If you feel dissatisfied with the knowledge that has been learned so far, no problem also join the seminar. Just follow it, who knows there is science that my friend has never known and learned.

Actually, the seminar was available with a variety of options. Attend a seminar but charged a registration fee? No problem.

With the registration fee charged to you, at least the “cost” will motivate and “move your feet” to be able to participate in the seminar held.

If you do not know the seminar material, you can really ask what material will be explained at a later time.

Loss and waste of time if you join the seminar, but the science of the seminar given was already mastered?

SEO Seminar: Black Hat SEO techniques learning event

See the picture below:

SEO Seminar: participate or not? Depends...

The picture above I found on Google. I have cut this picture because on the right side there is the face of the seminar speaker.

I do not intend to demonize certain parties, only the problem is that the seminar is not worth following. Why? Because there is material “Auto Blog Post 1x Click can stay asleep.”

Did you know that “Auto Post Blog” is a negative technique in the world of Blogging?

Auto Post Blog is a technique of copying (Copy) articles belonging to others automatically by relying on RSS feeds targeted websites. Learn Auto Post Blog here.

Oh yes, this Blog Auto Post technique is very easy, the process takes 2 minutes. After the process is complete, your blog will be filled with hundreds of articles from other people’s sites.

Practically, Auto Post Blog is a nasty technique and harms many other sites. If the seminar held provides material like this, please… don’t be followed. The material harms others.

Actually, the seminar was great. The problem is only the content of the material that will be delivered later.

After this article is published, I will explain how tips and how to choose the right Blog SEO seminar. Just wait.

Thanks for visiting hope ur day is a good day!

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