Prospective Couples Must Know, Here Are Tips And How To Calculate The Wedding Date Easily

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Marriage is a once-in-a-lifetime moment that requires careful planning. In order for the process to run smoothly, a lot of things must be considered. Starting from determining the day, completing the requirements, to its implementation requires proper readiness. In order for the wedding moment to take place smoothly, here are tips and how to calculate the wedding date correctly.

Tips To Determine The Wedding Date Easily And Precisely

Calculate The Current Time Distance With The Wedding Day

The first thing to consider before deciding on a wedding date is the time distance. Don’t decide on a date that is too tight. This is because, a lot of needs to be taken care of by requiring a long time. Such as preparing a wedding venue, choosing souvenirs, choosing a wedding dress, and choosing catering. All this must be ensured proper readiness and ripeness.

Generally, preparing for all wedding needs takes about 6 months. There are even some couples who spend a year just to take care of the needs of marriage. It can be said, wedding preparations are indeed a very complicated right to do. Not to mention having to meet the requirements and documents to get married later. Therefore, do not decide the date too soon.

Choosing A Date On Holidays

Perhaps most of your invited guests are office workers who every day have fixed working hours. Choosing a wedding date on a holiday is something that must also be considered. It could be, there are many guests who are unable to attend because of the wrong way to calculate your wedding date. You don’t want your wedding to be attended by many invited guests, right?

People who work in offices generally have a busy day. Even on their day off, they choose to rest instead of visiting a certain place. If you choose a wedding date on a weekday, most likely many invited guests will not attend the wedding you make. To minimize this, choose a date where office workers are off, such as Sunday.

Avoiding Old Dates

For some people, they may not like old dates. They argue in the old date they usually run out of funds to meet their needs for a month. They will only be paid after the beginning of the month. If you choose an old date, it is feared that many invited guests do not come to the wedding that you carry out. So choose the date of the young date to hold a wedding event.

In addition to holidays, generally a person will like young dates. In this young date, the workers will get a salary from the company.  This has an influence as very important tips on how to calculate the right wedding date, just choose the young date as a reference. The young date is synonymous with the period in which a person still has sufficient funds and finances to meet his needs.

Alternative Special Day

If examined, there are many couples who determine the wedding date on a special day. Whether it’s a date with a beautiful number, the date they first met, to another date that they think is special. You can also choose your wedding date based on your special day. One thing to make sure is that the date does not coincide with other events that make the moment of marriage disturbed.

Getting married on a beautiful date but coinciding on weekdays will generally make it difficult for you and invited guests. Especially if you hold a wedding in a densely populated big city that has a busy routine every day. Another thing to consider is the weather forecast for your wedding day. In Indonesia, there are only 2 seasons namely summer and rainy season. It could be, the season is a barrier to smooth marriage.

Primbon Jawa

As is known, the Javanese have a unique way of calculating the date of marriage traditionally. Java has very thick Customs and habits. One of them is primbon. This Primbon is a calculator that determines the good date in holding a wedding. The calculation used is in the form of, matching the date of birth of the couple. The date is then calculated precisely to know the wedding day.

Believe it or not and whether it is true or not, you can judge for yourself. However, most people in Java consider there is a day that should not be used to hold a wedding. For example, the determination of the auspicious day of marriage should not be accompanied by the same date / day as the death of relatives. It is believed, it can bring harm to married couples.

Even in this sophisticated modern era, you can use internet services to calculate good dates based on Javanese primbon. In addition to avoiding harm, another meaning contained in the primbon to choose a good date is to get permanence. The permanence of this couple is also guaranteed on 3 important points, namely the adequacy of clothing – food-shelter, physical and mental health, and mental safety.

Preparing For A Backup Date

Even though all the needs have been well planned and also mature, how to calculate the wedding date can sometimes be wrong and become an obstacle to the smooth running of the marriage. For the sake of achieving smoothness ahead of the wedding day, it’s good to choose a backup date. The goal is nothing other than anticipation of the bad possibilities that could happen. With a backup date, you can choose another option in case something bad happens.

Choosing A Good Date With The Provisions Of Islam

For you are a muslim, it is good to know the auspicious day of marriage according to the teachings of Islam. Please note in the teachings of Islam describes the auspicious day to carry out the wedding is the month of Shawwal. Islam also states that all days have their own goodness. This provision is in accordance with what has been disunited. Another provision is marrying on a good day according to Islam, namely in the month of Ramdhan.

In addition, there are other explanations regarding the auspicious day in carrying out the wedding. Namely, on the date 3, 5, 13, 16, 21, 24, and 25 in each Hijri month. You can also choose a good month in the big month (Eid al-adha). The big month in Islam is believed to be the best month for marriage. The implementation of marriage in the big month also expects safety, sustenance, and permanence of the bride and groom.

The Month Of Shawwal

How to calculate the date of the last wedding is to choose the month of Shawwal. This month falls on Eid al-Fitr. Some people are of the opinion and advise not to get married in this month. But holy days are the best. So it is still recommended to do the wedding procession once in a lifetime. Couples who marry in this month are expected to be happy and accept each other’s shortcomings.

Those are some tips for determining the right wedding date and good for the bride and groom. While waiting for approval for filing marriage documents, you can prepare and determine the exact date of marriage. Because in addition to the budget and budget, there are many other things that must be considered for the continuity and smoothness of the wedding. Avoid spending on less important things first.

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