Planning To Get Married? 7 Reasons For Marriage In Islam

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The purpose of marriage according to Islam

Marriage is a future that almost everyone wants. This is because getting married is one way to build a serious household. Therefore, marriage is not something that can be considered trivial. In marriage, there are FAQs that you should know. For this reason, the following will discuss the purpose of marriage in islam. Check out the full review.

Is a form of investment for the Hereafter

It can be said that marriage is one form of investment that you can get when you are in the hereafter. This is because the birth of children obtained from marriage will be a form of investment owned by both parents. For this reason, given a pious child and also pious can be one of the opportunities owned by both parents to get paradise when they are in the hereafter.

For this reason, by having provisions and also religious knowledge that has been obtained while in the world, then this can also be a helper for both parents after death. Thus, educating children well in a legal marriage will provide various benefits that you will be able to get. This is one of the goals of marriage in islam that you need to know.

To Acquire Offspring

The next goal of marriage is to obtain offspring. This is because having children can be your guide during your life. Especially if you have a child who is pious and pious. This is in accordance with what is said in surat An Nahl verse 72. Where Allah SWT has said, that and Allah made for you a partner (husband or wife) of your own kind.

And make for you children and grandchildren from your spouses, and provide you with the provision of good. why do they believe in falsehood and deny the favors of Allah? For this reason, based on the meaning of the verse, it can be said that the purpose of marriage in Islam is to obtain children or offspring. That way, it can give hope that the offspring that will be obtained will be those who have noble morals and manners.

To Obtain Tranquility

In addition to obtaining offspring, then in Islam itself marriage has the purpose to obtain many other benefits. among them is to be able to get calm. When you are married, you will also be given a sense of peace as well as calm. You can also get pain after marriage.

For that, when you get married you should not only think about feelings in biological form only. for example, just like lust. This is because even then, you will not be able to feel calm. The reason is, you will have a demanding and demanding nature to your partner. Of course, this cannot be to foster calm in married couples.

Can Strengthen Worship

Not only that, the purpose of marriage in Islam is also a form of worship to God. This is because marriage is one of the most starting things. The reason is, with the wedding will be one moment to be able to maintain honor and will avoid other things that are not allowed by religion. Take for example adultery.

According to HR. Muslim No. 1400 The Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: O young men, whoever among you is able to marry, then marry. Marriage is a sight to behold, and a sight to behold. And whosoever is not able, let him fast, because fasting can fortify himself.

For this reason, marriage can also be a way to subdue the view and as a fortress to avoid committing despicable acts. Where vile and dirty acts are capable of degrading the dignity of a person. Thus, in Islam itself a marriage will be able to maintain and protect from damage and chaos in society.

As A Form Of Religious Refinement

Another thing that is one of the goals of marriage in Islam is as a form of religious refinement. This is because Islam views this marriage as a form of perfecting the religion. In marriage, half of the religion is fulfilled. So one of the purposes of marriage in Islam is to perfect the religion. In this way, it will make a Muslim more obedient to worship.

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said that when a slave marries, half of his religion is complete, so fear Allaah for the remaining half. This was revealed in Al-Bayhaqi in Shu’abul Iman. So, this will also be one of the important things that you need to know, that getting married in Islam actually has a great reward.

As The Demands Of Human Instincts

In addition, marriage itself is recommended for those who have been able to. Because, through marriage is one form of human nature. Not only that, but humanity itself. This is because humans have been filled with lust. So it would be better if hastened to marry.

Thus, it will be able to avoid slander and adultery. This is because when the lust of a human being is not fulfilled, not infrequently even able to plunge to take the path that is forbidden or forbidden by God. For this reason, human nature is indeed in pairs between men and women to fill each other and also complement each other.

As A Form To Implement The Sunnah Of The Prophet

The main purpose of marriage in Islam is to abstain from immoral acts. For that, as a muslim you will certainly run and follow what is exemplified by the Prophet Muhammad. Therefore, by entering into marriage, in addition to preventing adultery can also be one form to implement the sunnah of the Prophet.

So when you get married, you also have to follow the example of the Prophet (SallAllahu Alayhi Wa Sallam). You can also do things that have become a role model for Muslims in living their daily lives. So that, when you perform the marriage in being one of the forms that you have observed one of the sunnah of the messenger of Allah.

That is the purpose of marriage according to Islam. For that, for those of you who have been able to get married then you should immediately carry out the sunnah of this one Apostle. that way, it will be able to increase your worship and also as a form to avoid doing dirty and forbidden in Islam, one of which is adultery or having sex with someone who is not muhrimnya.

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