Mobile & User Friendly First: Mobilegeddon Algorithm Update 2022

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Mobile & User Friendly First: MobileGeddon Algorithm Update 2022

If you don’t like change, then the internet is not for you. Recently, Google updated their mobile friendly algorithm, MobileGeddon.

In its first release in mid-2015, the MobileGeddon algorithm managed to scare bloggers around the world.

Inevitably, you as the site owner, must heed this Google request. Sites that are not Mobile Friendly and Responsive will be depak freely in Google search results.

Now, the MobileGeddon algorithm is updated with more efficient and effective performance in crawling various web blogs, sites and/or websites.

Mobile & User Friendly First: MobileGeddon Algorithm Update 2022

There are many recent layers that “fortify” the MobileGeddon algorithm in the latest version this time. The point is, it’s not just about Responsive (adaptive). Curious? Come on!

Mobile & User Friendly First: MobileGeddon Algorithm Update 2022

Google explains that there is a new way how Googlebot crawls your site; it’s not the usual way.

1. Mobile First

Mobile First means adaptive display that takes precedence and/or takes precedence in Google search results.

No matter how good the quality of the article from the site if the appearance of the site is not adaptive to various smartphones, then the site’s ranking will be lowered by Google.

What’s worse, it could be ranking very far from Page One.

Furthermore, there are some important points that you should know, and those points are summarized below 🙂

2. Short articles, quality, and speed of Site Access for Mobile First

Through this MobileGeddon algorithm update; both short, long and/or detailed articles and blog loading speed do not determine site ranking (anymore) as usual.

Well, this Mobile First will prioritize really complete content, even if the article is short.

What you need to know is how those visitors search in your article.

Position yourself as those readers, then think about how the readers (the situation is your own) in typing keywords in the SERPs so that what appears on Page One is your site/article.

3. Long keywords are still preferred in Mobile First

Other terms are known as Long Tail Keyword, meaning tail keywords or long keywords.

Tail keywords are still the “prima donna” and are often used by bloggers around the world in targeting keywords in articles.

These long keywords are still the core part and the main factor of Google in determining the ranking of your site in the SERP.

In short, make the most of these long keywords in your content, — and adapt them to what your readers think (position you as a potential visitor to your own site).

4. Older articles will be preferred on Mobile First

First published articles (not copas / rewrite, — whatever the topic) will be prioritized in search results by Google; in their Mobile First campaigns.

In short, as good and as good as any article you create but do not update on that day, copas article, missed updates, or the result of rewrite, will be depak from SERP.

5. Synchronization: website age and eligibility

In the morning, the first site that appeared was Site A. But at night, the first site that appears is Site B.

Google through Mobile First has made these algorithm changes systematically and flexibly in understanding who is searching for the article; and the article must be relevant to that person.

Examples such as searching for articles with a query, “how to make a cake” in the morning.

The best sites that were once dominant visited by mothers will be assigned and numbered by Google to occupy the first page of Google.

However, when it is night, the rating changes. Why? Because when the night, most often looking for such articles are girls or unmarried women.

That’s how Mobile First works.

In fact, this is the first case of why your site’s traffic has plummeted, dwindled or fallen in recent days — from March 2022 onwards.

6. Google Understands Your Content

Now Google already understands in assessing your content; whether it can be understood by readers or not.

If your site has too many repetitive keywords, which usually appear on the first page of Google , – will be on the first page of Google.

User Experience or User Experience (UX) will be prioritized by Google.

The Mobile-first algorithms are embedded with a new layer that works by learning, collecting and executing patterns, relationships and data automatically.

7. Different devices, different results

If your site is visited via Desktop, Notebook, Netbook, computer (PC), laptop, tab, Android and iPhone; will display the ranking of different sites or articles on the SERP page.

Broadly Speaking…

If examined more deeply, actually the main function/task of the MobileGeddon algorithm is still prioritizing sites that are still adaptive (Mobile/Responsive) on SERP pages.

What sets them apart is the age of the user, what they want, when they want it, and what device they are using at the time.

In short, this algorithm only responds to how users (article searchers) find the most suitable article for them.

Why Did Google Update The MobileGeddon Algorithm?

This Update, known as Mobile First, only affects sites or articles found in the SERP if the person looking for it is a person who uses a mobile phone (smartphone).

Google is simple, very simple.

At 8 a.m., people will probably be active in using the desktop (computer/laptop) and maybe doing Googling.

However, in the afternoon, users of these technology devices will switch to smartphones. Once in the evening, its consumption increases sharply.

Therefore, MobileGeddon is updated with the version “Mobile First”.

“We may not show mobile-unfriendly content (sites that are not Mobile Friendly) or slow access to the site, because what we prioritize at this time is the most relevant content to display.”–Google.

So, rethink about the quality of your site starting right now.

Think about and develop how your site is suitable and feasible for desktops, computers, smartphones and various other technological devices.

In addition, develop your article so that it is suitable and worth reading by anyone without knowing age restrictions. Good luck!

Thanks for visiting hope ur day is a good day!

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