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Tutorial How to get and install FB Admin ID & amp; FB App ID

This post is an additional document/file on how how to set up a Kraken blogger SEO template, SEO high CTR Google AdSense.

This post is also a media documentation material about the world of blogging, which may be useful for you someday.

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Facebook’s Open Graph

Facebook’s Open Graph is a special HTML code that displays how content is displayed when shared to Facebook.

Maybe you are a little surprised when you see an article or site shared to Facebook, what title, What article, and what pictures and descriptions, everything is not connected.

That’s because the website doesn’t use Facebook’s Special Open Graph HTML.

Facebook’s Open Graph will set the appearance of the article when shared on Facebook; starting from the article image, snippet (summary text, or article summary) and the title of the article.

Oh yes… the code is quite a lot, different codes are also different functions and / or tasks. You can search for references related to this code on various other sites.

What you need to know is that the special HTML for the Facebook Open Graph in the Kraken blogger theme SEO is ready to use. So, my friend should not hesitate. Just follow the guidelines.

Influence of FB Admin ID & amp; FB App ID for SEO

On the guide No. 7 in the Kraken SEO settings document, I told my friend to add FB Admin ID and FB App ID.

Broadly speaking, these two codes are not mandatory.

However, some SEO practitioners recommend installing FB Admin ID and FB App ID if possible, in addition to its function to strengthen your blog SEO.

Oh yes! Code FB Admin ID & amp; FB App ID is part of All in SEO Pack for Blogger. It should be used as best as possible…

Tutorial How To Get FB Admin ID & amp; FB App ID

1. How to create FB Admin ID

FB Admin ID or fb: admin Facebook admin is the identity of your friend, or the owner of the Facebook account.

Facebook comments are used to moderate comments on the Facebook Comments widget.

  1. Login to this site:
  2. Please input your URL or Facebook address; for example: (My Facebook URL)
  3. Tap Find Numeric ID
  4. FB Admin ID will appear automatically

Tutorial with pictures, first steps:

Tutorial How To Get FB Admin ID & amp; FB App ID

Tutorial with pictures, step two:

Tutorial How To Get FB Admin ID & amp; FB App ID

Next, look for the code below:

< meta content=”Here-Code“property=’fb: admin’ / >

In the article that I colored red, replace with FB Facebook ID that you have known and / or obtained just now.

2. How to get FB App ID

FB App ID or fb: app_id is an application code that is responsible for linking and / or integrating your BLOG with Facebook.

The code is this:

< meta content=”Here-Code“property=’fb: app_id’ / >

Application code function fb: app_id the above is as a bridge between you and the website to check the interaction of links shared to Facebook.

  1. Login to Facebook Apps Developers
  2. Register or login if you have never tried it
  3. Tap menu Options Add a new App ID
  4. Enter site name and contact form email > tap Create App ID
  5. Enter Captcha when it appears

On the page in this Facebook application ID, actually my friend has got it. See the picture below:

Tutorial How To Get FB Admin ID & amp; FB App ID

But, it would be nice if my friend change (change) status In Development yang Dead be Active.

Tutorial How To Get FB Admin ID & amp; FB App ID

Well here’s the problem. When you activate it, an error message will appear saying:

Invalid Privacy Policy URL: you must provide a valid Privacy Policy URL for your app to run. Go to basic settings and make sure the URL is valid.

So, the tutorial solves the error message in the following way:

  1. Tap menu Settings > then tap Basic
  2. In the Privacy Policy URL, enter the static page URL of your website; whether Disclaimer or Privacy Policy from your own blog page (choose one)
  3. Save Changes!

The example URL I’m referring to is like this:

Next, please press the button In Development the first; the first Dead be Active. Congrats…!!!

How? An article about a Tutorial on how to get FB Admin ID & amp; FB App ID that is easy to understand?

If there are things you want to ask, please ask in the comments.

Oh yes… this article is a support content for Kraken blogger theme SEO settings guide. For friends who have not bought it, let’s hurry to buy from now on… ^^

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