Here’s How To Enable Dark Mode on YouTube (all platforms)

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Dark Mode is becoming increasingly popular as a means of viewing our screens. You can do it on your PC, Laptop, iOS, Android, and a host of other apps and platforms. YouTube is one of the platforms that have the feature, although the way to activate the feature has changed slightly over time. before discussing how to set youtube to dark mode it would be nice to know the meaning of Dark Mode/Dark Mode.

What Is It Dark mode/Dark Mode – And Should You Use It?

Dark Mode is a display setting feature for the user interface. YouTube’s dark Mode allows users to change the YouTube background from white to black. Also known as ‘night mode’, Dark mode is great in dark rooms or for those who prefer something a little easier to see.

What are the benefits of using dark mode?

Actually research on the effects of dark mode is far from conclusive. But anecdotally, some people claim that using dark mode does benefit them.

Dark Mode can reduce eye strain

Dark mode users claim that turning on Dark mode can increase the amount of contrast between the text you’re reading and the background. In theory, this should make it easier to read on your device. Because reading for a long time on the screen can cause eye strain and dry eyes, so it’s good you try to rest your eyes.

Dark Mode can reduce exposure to blue light

Exposure to blue light has indeed shown side effects, such as difficulty sleeping and eye strain. So that Dark Mode may be a solution reducing your exposure to blue light, but in addition to using dark mode you can also do it by lowering the brightness of your screen to darker, especially if you are in a room that around you is dark.

Dark Mode can increase battery life on your device

By the way this is not a health benefit. But if you often see using the screen, it never hurts to use dark mode because it can save battery power an hour or two.

OK back to the main topic of how to change Dark mode on youtube.

Enabling YouTube dark mode

Since there are many devices that can be used to watch streaming YouTube videos (don’t get addicted to watching youtube all the time, guys), I’ll cover how to enable YouTube Dark mode on the most popular ones: desktop, iOS, and Android.

How to enable YouTube Dark mode on your desktop (PC or Mac)

In this day and age, more people like to stream videos on mobile phones, but there are still some people– like me one of them – who like to watch Youtube videos still using a laptop.  I usually watch youtube at lunchtime every day (mostly I watch cute animals doing weird things).

For those of you who want to enable YouTube dark mode in your web browser, start by opening

From the dropdown menu, click “Appreance Device Theme – > Dark Theme.”

Now you can navigate back to the Home screen and start browsing YouTube for your favorite videos with dark mode. Below is what your home screen will look like after you enable YouTube Dark mode on your desktop.

How to enable YouTube Dark mode on iPhone/Android

dark mode on mobile devices is actually present After Dark mode on a PC or Laptop. Dark Mode is now available for iOS as well as Android. Enabling dark mode on YouTube for Android and iOS is very easy. how to enable Dark mode on ios/android is approximately the same.

step as follows. Just open the YouTube app, then tap on your profile icon in the upper right corner- > Settings- > General- > display.

hmmm.. now we can start streaming in YouTube dark mode! Here’s how to activate Dark Mode on youtube. good luck.

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