Google AdSense is disabled due to Drop Down menu navigation

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Google AdSense Blog experience disabled due to Drop Down menu navigation

Alhamdulillah, one of my blogs was disabled to serve Google AdSense ads for violating AdSense program Policies.

Is that right? Yes, I admit it’s true.

Without asking in AdSense forum or Google Products Community also, I know the cause and reason why my Google AdSense ads are disabled.

I deliberately put an ad unit right at the bottom of the Drop-down menu navigation that indirectly covers the delivery of Google AdSense ads. Inviting click, dirty way hehehe…

In fact, the installation method is considered wrong by Google, and even the article I made a while ago, Do not place Google AdSense ads under the navigation Drop Down Menu.

Google AdSense is disabled due to Drop Down menu navigation

Here’s the warning email I get when my Google AdSense account is disabled by Google.

Dear customer,
This Email is intended to warn you that one of your current Websites does not comply with our AdSense program policies, so ad serving has been disabled on your website.

Issue ID#: 011110305

Ad serving has been disabled

Example pages where violations occur:

  • Required action: check compliance of all sites on your account.
  • Current account Status: Active

Explanation Of Violations
As stated in our program policies, sites that display Google Ads must provide information that is important and useful to users. The user should be able to easily navigate the site to search for the promised product, goods or service. Examples of deceptive navigation include, but are not limited to:

  • False claims about downloaded or streamed content
  • Linking to non-existent content
  • Redirect users to irrelevant and/or misleading web pages
  • The text on the page is not related to the topic and/or business model of the site.

For more information, please review Google Webmaster quality guidelines and AdSense program Policies.

Required action: check account compliance
Even if ad serving has been disabled on the above sites, your AdSense account remains active. In addition, remember that our team reserves the right to deactivate the account at any time, if we continue to encounter violations.

Things to remember:
The above URL is just an example, and similar violations may occur on other pages of this website or on other sites that you own.

You should review all articles/posts on your site that meet the above criteria.

Make sure none of these articles/posts have ads running on the same page.

Appeal Submission
If you would like to appeal this deactivation, you can contact us via the appeal troubleshooter below and refer to the issue ID listed above. See some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about disabled ad serving.

— Appeal Problem Solver —

Thank you for your cooperation!

Sincerely, Arief Ghozaly
The Google AdSense Team

Google AdSense is disabled due to Drop Down menu navigation
Google AdSense is disabled due to Drop Down menu navigation

For those who don’t know, Navigation Drop-Down Menu is a menu navigation that drops down automatically when the Mouse Pointer is directed to the menu navigation right in the Sub Menu.

Is Your Google AdSense Account Safe?

Yes, my Google AdSense account is secure. Still active, not delayed (Suspend) or even deleted (Banned) by Google.

I can also still enter (login) to this AdSense account that I have. On various other sites, ad units are still showing, nothing is missing at all.

Note: One Google AdSense account, ad units everywhere. So, the effect is only on one blog, not affected to all blogs. That’s what happened in my case this time.

Oh yes, I have filed an appeal because my Google AdSense is disabled.

As usual, I had to fill out an appeal form or box; I also had to fill out various reasons, and the point… I ask that it be returned as it was.

Am I panicking? Of course not, because my AdSense account is not one, two or three. Slow (ly) but sure hahahaa….

Well, starting from this blogging experience, I hope other bloggers are more careful in installing and placing Google AdSense ad units.

Thanks for visiting hope ur day is a good day!

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