Complete The Requirements, Here Are The Marriage Laws That You Must Know

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Getting married is not an easy thing. There are several requirements that you must prepare before carrying it out, including documents that must be completed for marriage. The latest regulations require couples in all regions of Indonesia to have a certificate of marriage eligibility. This is already stipulated in the Marriage Act. For a more detailed explanation, let’s see the following review!

Medical tests before marriage for the bride and groom

Before getting married, there are some special requirements that must be done for the bride and groom. One of the conditions that must be met is a premarital health check. The series of activities aims to check the health of couples who are getting married. This is useful to know if there is a contagious disease in the bride and groom and is useful to prevent the disease from spreading to the spouse or child later.

Generally, premarital checks will be carried out by couples who want to plan to get married and want to have children in the future. The bride and groom are highly recommended to check so that married life is happier and healthier. However, not a few are worried about this. But by doing health tests will help you to avoid problems and stress on later than in marriage.

In addition, the terms of this bond have been regulated in the marriage law contained in Chapter 2 articles 6 and 7 of the Republic of Indonesia in 2019 concerning amendments to Law Number 1 of 1974 in the marriage law. Here it is explained that marriage is a physical and mental bond between a woman and a man as husband and wife that aims to form a happy and lasting family home based on Godhead.

Knowing the health of a potential partner will allow you to take more serious steps of medical care if necessary. There are several tests that must be met, namely HIV testing or other sexually transmitted diseases. Diseases such as HIV hepatitis B, and Hepatitis C are conditions that can persist in a person for life. If not treated properly, then it has the risk of damaging the marriage that has been built.

Therefore, to achieve the happiness that has been described, the government added a requirement for the bride and groom to know about the health status of the couple. This will reduce the problem if you are married in the future. In addition there is also a blood group compatibility test to find out if there is a possibility of the blood type of the partner causing fetal death and miscarriage.

It doesn’t stop there, there is a TT (Tetanus toxoid) vaccine for brides. It aims when pregnant and have a baby to avoid tetanus infection. As for grooms, TT immunization is given to avoid tetanus disease. In accordance with the marriage law, you will get a certificate that you have done a medical test and a certificate of marriage that is used to get married.

Age requirements for grooms to be met

In addition to medical tests, there are also several requirements that must be met according to applicable laws, namely the minimum marriage limit for brides and grooms. In this regulation, the minimum age of marriage for men is twenty – one years. In the past, the minimum limit was 19 years. In this regulation changes the applicable policy. If you do not meet these requirements, you must obtain permission from both parents.

However, if one of the parents has died or is in a state that is unable to express his will, then it can be fulfilled from the parent who is still able to express his will. If both parents have died or are unable to express their decision, permission can be obtained from a guardian or family who has a lineage.

Age requirements for prospective brides to be met

Unlike men, women will be allowed to marry when they reach the age of nineteen. But if it still does not meet the requirements such as the provisions of the applicable Marriage Law, then there are things that need to be done. One of them is that the parents of the woman can request dispensation to the court for reasons of extreme urgency. But it must be accompanied by strong supporting evidence.

The granting of dispensation by this Court is regulated in the marriage law contained in Article seven paragraph three. What is meant here is to listen to the opinions of both prospective brides who will hold the marriage. The law also does not call for marriage at the age of nineteen, but rather serves as a benchmark so that no one marries under this age.

This newly updated regulation is based on existing research, that the ideal age and childbirth is in the age range of twenty years to thirty-five years. If you have a pregnancy before that age, then the mother will have many risks during childbirth. Therefore, there are several aspects to consider if women get married and have children at a very early age.

Meet the wedding Administration required for the bride and groom

In addition to the requirements for health checks and minimum age that have been regulated by The Marriage Law, there is also an administration that must be met if you want to get married. The documents that must be completed are the residence identification number or NIK for the prospective wife, prospective husband and parents or guardians of the bride and groom. In addition there is also a marriage certificate that can be obtained from the village or local village.

If you have received a letter of introduction from the village or village, the bride and groom approval letter from both parties. However, this will be different if the bride is under the age specified as the minimum limit. You must ask permission from parents, guardians or next of kin who still have blood descendants in order to carry out the marriage. You can also seek approval from the court by bringing complete evidence.

There are also requirements that must be met if the bride and groom are TNI or POLRI, namely by asking permission from the commander. In addition there are also rules that explain the divorce permit if the bride and groom are divorced. However, this is different if the bride and groom are widowers or widows who are left to die. Then the administration that must be fulfilled is a death cover letter in accordance with the marriage law.

Getting married is not an easy matter, many requirements must be met in carrying it out. Starting from premarital health checks, giving tetanus vaccines, completing the minimum age limit requirements that apply, to preparing marriage administration that needs to be met. These requirements have also been regulated in the legislation that has been determined by the state. Therefore, if you want to get married, complete these requirements.

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