Best Android Offline Adventure Games 2017

Posted on Tekno – Looking for an alternative android game besides Angry Birds or Candy Crush that can be played offline or without internet? We have determined some really cool and interesting Android offline adventure games. We focus on the genre of adventure Android offline games that brings exploration, puzzles and interesting fairy tales that create this offline adventure game for Android feels special from the rest. You will also find many sub genres for these titles, some of these offline adventure games focus on horror, travel, RPG and some also focus on murder mysteries.

List of the best Offline adventure games for Android

1. The Walking Dead: Michonne

An Android HD Game with cool graphics that is highly recommended for Walking Dead fans. This game works together is not an open world game that you might imagine, but more short like a visual novel game. If you are a fan of games made by Telltale, then you must have known this concept. You can just follow the example that already exists, but when there is a choice or when in a special area we are still allowed to explore.

2. Ys Chronicles 1 and 2

Ys Chronicles 1 and 2 is a classic and quite popular adventure Android offline game. In this game, you will play as a young sword hero named Adol Christin who is stranded on a mysterious island called Esteria. And the adventure begins by helping the inhabitants of Esteria to defeat the demons and restore peace. Where you also have to find 6 sacred books that will show you the knowledge of how to restore peace.

If you like JRPG games, detailed Ys Chronicles 1 and 2 are mandatory games that you must play. Although it does not arrive with HD Graphics, with the quality of fairy tales that exist, Ys Chronicles 1 and 2 can be said to be the best offline rpg android game available for Android.

3. Rayman Adventures

Another adventure Android offline Game that is quite fun to play. Who doesn’t know Rayman? Classic and epic adventures game with its signature side-scrolling gameplay, and this is the latest from the previous series that has been successful, namely Rayman Fiesta Run and Rayman Jungle Run.

4. Another World

Another World is an offline adventure game that is quite charming. In this game you will play as Lester Knight Chaykin, a young physics researcher. While carrying out his experiments, the laboratory suddenly glows and is completely destroyed, throwing him into another world, a world inhabited by humanoid creatures, where a threat could arise at any moment.

5. The Silent Age

The Silent Age is an atmospheric puzzle adventure game where you play as Joe. Joe discovers that humanity is extinct in 40 years and it’s up to him to figure out how it happened, why, and how to fix it. This game has graphics that are not much different from Another World, which is undoubtedly fun for retro game fans. Adventure android offline Game with a very interesting fairy tale.

6. Broken Sword: Director ‘ S Cut

Broken Sword is an awesome and exciting game with masterful puzzles and mouse-a-tat chatter. Director’s Cut on the Android edition has some extra content, this classic game is really worth playing.

7. Adventures of Poco Eco

Adventures of Poco Eco is one of the best puzzle genre offline adventure games equipped with beautiful music. In this game, you have to help Poco Eco find the missing sound of his tribe. The Game presents 12 levels, various kinds of puzzles, and much more that you have to pass later.

8. Republique

Rep publique is an episodic stealth adventure game that immerses you in a fictional surveillance state. Armed only with a backdoor to surveillance cameras and security systems, you must help the young girl nicknamed Hope to escape and evade the guards. Intuitive touch controls allow players to easily switch between the camera and hack objects, showing you quick controls to help Hope evade guards and retrieve mission objects and collectibles.

9. Gemini Rue

Gemini Rue “has an atmosphere, an engaging narrative, and clever puzzles” and was awarded a Gold Review Award. We also suggest that “if you can’t get it done on PC, don’t let it happen again.”

10. Machinarium

You have to figure out what needs to be done by reading body language, looking for patterns, and deciphering foreign cartoons in each bubble citizen robot fatwa. If you know what needs to be done, you will find an inventive adventure game with detailed scenes to be explored and some ingenious puzzles to be solved.

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