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Marriage is the longest Worship performed by every Muslim. When the right time has come and the right partner for you, the worship should not be delayed. This very noble worship aims to perfect half of the religion with the condition of giving a dowry to the bride. The dowry of marriage in Islam is very important and has certain conditions. Let’s take a peek at the full review below!

Terms dowry given the groom

The dowry or dowry given by the groom must have a value of benefit to humans. Therefore, it must have a function value to be used when used or consumed. The value of this benefit should go through the point of view of Islamic law, so you can not give a dowry in the form of khamr or pork. Both of these objects are actually prohibited from being consumed by the Shari’a, so they are excluded from the dowry list.

The second condition that must be fulfilled by the dowry of marriage, which has a value of price or in the form of valuable property. It refers to a thing that can be valued in a nominal. It’s not worth it when you give something small and worthless. One example is a grain of rice that has no value or price when you buy it. Regarding the amount of dowry there is no limit as long as the objects you give have a price value.

One of the conditions that should not be violated, that is to wear items that are not yet known. This makes the bride and groom do not know the wedding dowry in Islam given by the spouse. Give something useful or something that looks real in front of your eyes. That way, the contract or dowry that you give is valid in the eyes of religious law. The wedding that will be held can be done without any obstacles.

No less important, avoid giving a dowry from a dighosob thing. Ghosob here means taking someone else’s property by force, so there is no sincerity in it. If this is still done, the contract is broken. However, the dowry resulting from ghosob’s goods makes the second marriage valid if the wife does not know the truth. Therefore, avoid bad things to do noble worship.

The purpose and benefits of dowry in marriage

Many consider marriage to be one of the events to obtain a large dowry from the couple. This is certainly wrong, because marriage is actually a container to achieve the pleasure of Allah in a relationship. Thus, the dowry was given to the woman to honor her. Therefore, avoid asking for a very large dowry to the prospective partner so as not to burden him like a luxury item or high value.

Religious Shari’a provides rules with their accompanying purposes and benefits. This also applies to the dowry conditions that must exist in a marriage. The benefits of marriage dowry in islam, namely as a form of obedience to the messenger of Allah. A person who practices the sunnah or its teachings, proved to be a devout person. The teachings that are sent down or given certainly have benefits and far from harm.

The dowry that must be given to this woman should not burden one of the parties, namely the man. This easy dowry makes your longest worship easier to perform and does not lead to debt. Many people have to go into debt in order to be able to give a high-value dowry to their partner. That way, it will bring disaster or harm after you have a family with a partner.

List of commonly selected marriage dowry

Choosing a dowry is not easy, but some women ask for a dowry that is quite popular. One of them, a set of prayer tools that can be used to worship Allah SWT. The meaning contained in this dowry is quite deep, namely this woman hopes that her husband can become an imam and lead her to become a sholehah wife. Every woman hopes that her husband will be the soul mate of this world and the hereafter.

The second option that is often requested and so the dream of women, namely beautiful jewelry. Jewelry is one of the wedding dowry in Islam that is quite widely used. The value of this jewelry is quite high and timeless, so it can last a long time. You can remember a wedding that happened once in a lifetime over a long period of time. In addition, this jewelry is also very special value like the woman you choose.

Not infrequently, women also ask for a dowry in the form of pure gold as a proof of love and seriousness in marriage. This precious metal, which over time has an increasing value, is one of the best investment symbols. You can store pure gold in the form of metal or plates for a long time. This one investment you can enjoy both and is very useful in the future because it can be cashed.

Objects that are no less often used as a wedding dowry, namely cash. Many people ask for this one dowry because it is quite practical and very useful until in the future. The way to get a nominal amount of wedding dowry in Islam is also easy. Some people ask for a nominal quite unique, so it could be one of the things that is remembered. For example, you can adjust the date or year of the wedding.

Have you ever seen a series of gifts at a wedding? It could be a dowry or dowry requested by the woman. You can prepare some items that are usually worn or needed by a partner, such as high heels or bags. The usual choice is indeed women’s fashion. After all the items that will be used as a dowry are collected, you can pack them into a beautiful gift item for that special day.

Marriage Dowry Standards

To enter into a marriage there is no limit to the dowry that must be given by the prospective husband. There is no minimum limit, so that everyone who has been able in terms of material and readiness can hold a wedding. Your marriage is also considered valid in the eyes of religion. Make sure the dowry requested by the woman is not burdensome for the man, so that this one long worship is not delayed.

It has been mentioned before that there is no minimum dowry, so whatever the dowry value given still makes the marriage valid. Similarly, the maximum limit, so that men can give the dowry of marriage in Islam in large quantities or luxurious value. However, make sure the dowry you give is in accordance with the wishes of the prospective wife because the dowry is a woman’s right and is determined by her.

One way to perfect the religion of a muslim is to get married. You must be able to choose the right partner at the right time so that the household is harmonious. Some things to consider before getting married, one of them is dowry. The dowry is given by the groom to the woman. There are four conditions that must be met by the dowry, but make sure not to burden men so that this worship is not hindered.

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