Advan S40-Vandroid Latest Prices And Specifications

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Advan S40-Vandroid latest prices and specifications. If you have money around 500 thousand, advan has a number of new types of android smartphones that can be selected. First Advan S4Z Series, and also Advan M4 Vandroid, well for the same type of smartphone, Advan vandroid S40 is the latest release this year. All three use a 4-inch touch screen. What makes you want to know from the latest S40 product is actually the memory capacity, because the previous two phones were relatively minimal in RAM and storage capacity. Then with the same price as the S4Z and M4 what advantages are loaded on advan S40 Vandroid advan’s latest release? What’s the new price for now?

New design is a double mirror body that offers the impression of luxury, elegant, compact. This 4-inch Android phone has a cool look no less than the S4Z with the pearl shine body concept

New android system and complete security features owned HP advan vandroid S40. This Smartphone with android Nougat and IDOS 7, also complements the security features of apps lock/ application lock to protect data more optimally and new anti theft features

Full features and dual sim network. The advan S40 is capable of accessing networks at 3.5 G data rates and dual sim slots. This Nougat Smartphone with a 4 inch WVGA display also applies a dual camera for photographic purposes. The main camera has a resolution of 5MP.

Advan S40 memory capacity is larger than S4Z and M4. The good news is that the memory of this latest smartphone is better. In the first edition of the s4z and advan M4 each rely on 512MB RAM and 4GB ROM. The amount of memory is of course still limited, and the performance is not yet so fast. With the same price of 500 thousand, advan vandroid S40 can be a solution because it has loaded 1GB RAM and 8GB Storage, feels more spacious, not full fast, and external storage card options, advan S40 microSD Support up to 32GB.

The use of 1GB RAM and 8GB ROM is the same as the latest version of S4Z
(S4z plus vandroid) so HP vandroid advan S40 able to run a lot of applications smoothly, save more files in the phone. This is the advantage, a smartphone with a low price of 500 thousand usually rationed memory is very minimal

With the advantages of advan android S40, this latest android product seems to be more attractive to consumers. You could say this is the cheapest android phone, with the best quality. You can also compare with cheap advan 500 thousands of others, namely advan s4z and Advan M4. The disadvantage of the S40 is probably the quality of the front camera with a resolution that is not too large. Price and specifications more berkut this.

Price Gres advan S40 Vandroid Rp 545,000

Specification of S40-Vandroid Advan

Display 4.0 WVGA 800X480
ROM 8GB Micro SD up to 32GB
Android 7.0 IDOS7. 22
Dual camera front VGA Rear 5MP
Dual SIM card 3.5 G / 3G / 2G / GSM
WiFi 802.11 b/g / n 2.4 G
Battery 1300mAh

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