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Android Phone Tips: 7 Ways To Save Your Android Phone Battery Power

Tips Hp Android: How To Save Battery Power Hp Android – The android operating system is now increasingly popular, Android phone owners are also increasing, including You may. This operating system made by Google comes in various types and brands of portable devices such as Samsung, HTC, Sony, and many more.
One of the advantages of Android phones is that we can download many applications that can be useful for our daily activities, interestingly these various applications are connected directly to the internet at any time, so we can receive emails or read news that is always updated every time.
However, the advantages of android phones that are always connected to the internet network are often the reason we run out of battery power on android phones. Often we see our android phone battery drained when we are not too actively using it. Does this happen to your abdroid phone? Here are some tricks to make your android phone save battery.
1.  Switching Connections

Unstable 3G data signal that we capture Android phones can make our phones continue to work hard (battery drain) looking for the best signal. To further save battery power we recommend that when we are in a HotSpot location, we turn off our cellular connection and connect the android phone with available WiFi. Like at home, office or mall, whenever there is WiFi, switch the internet network to WiFi, after all, generally the connection with WiFi is faster than with cellular, so your android phone will take a shorter time to “load” when you browse or use applications that require an internet connection.
2. Turn off WiFi & Bluetooth

This is often missed by android phone users, namely turning off WiFi. When you do not need a WiFi connection we should turn off our WiFi connection. Because when WiFi is on then our android phone will continue to actively search for WiFi signals and this will make the Android phone battery drain. Likewise with Bluetooth facilities, facilities for us to exchange this data should be turned off when we are not in need, anyway turn it on also does not bother that is by scrolling down on the home screen, tap on the bluetooth icon
3. Turn off GPS

GPS facilities on Android phones as we know it is very useful to find a way or we are lost, but the use of GPS is not too often, we do not get lost every day is not it? Then turn off the GPS facility of your android phone, and turn it on only when you need it. The method is very simple, scroll down on the home screen, tap on the GPS icon
4. Turn Off The Sync Feature

Hp android allows you to know the notification email, facebook and other applications in live, but if you’re not too need it like on vacation or on the go then you should turn off this sync feature, but the consequence you will not receive these notifications. Don’t worry, you can still see the latest updates by going to the application you want to see updates for.
5. Reduce Screen Brigtness

The beauty of Android phones is on the screen that gives you real colors Nan amazing especially if your phone like the latest Samsung Galaxy that already uses Super Amoled technology. However, this great screen is one of the biggest factors in draining your android phone’s battery, so lower it in dark conditions and raise it a little if the conditions are too bright.
6. Reduce Volume & turn off Vibrate

For this one point it may be very commonly used on all phones, almost everyone knows that the vibration feature on the cellphone can drain the battery, so you should turn off the vibrate feature and reduce the volume to save more battery.
7. Get Task Killer App or battery Dr. Saver

The applications available in the download Center on Android phones are now many designed to improve performance and save battery on your android phone. Examples are Task Killer or battery Dr. Saver, both of these applications the same concept is to turn off applications that are running behind the invisible, with the application tertupu of course your android phone does not work too hard so that the battery can be saved.

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