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For the Javanese people who still uphold the customs, of course choosing traditional Javanese wedding decorations is no longer a difficult thing. But in the modern era like this, Javanese traditional marriage began to experience development with the addition of various other innovations. Here will be reviewed a variety of decorations on modern Javanese traditional weddings that are suitable for your inspiration.

Wedding decorations with modern Javanese Customs

Chandelier Ornaments

The first Decoration That is always there in Javanese traditional weddings is the use of hanging lamps as the main ornament. To make the decoration more charming, you can choose flowers around the aisle. Try to choose a large flower arrangement with shades of red, pink, to white. Usually the lights used at this wedding have varied carved accents combined with a golden hue.

The combination is able to produce a warm, classic, and classy feel. Not only that with the help of the chandelier will also create a more solemn and exclusive moment. Many people believe that the traditional chandelier that is often used for modern Javanese weddings has a deep meaning, namely that the bride and groom are always illuminated by happiness throughout their lives.

Details Of Gunungan Wayang

If you have plans to carry out a traditional Javanese semi-outdoor wedding, then this one decoration can be an interesting reference. This wayang Gunungan usually has carvings that have a certain meaning. Usually many also combine this decoration by utilizing green ornamental plants that are able to refresh the eye. These decorations are actually used as props in puppet shows.

Generally, this puppet gunungan demonstrates the existence of mountains, caves, forests, or others. With this decoration on your traditional Javanese wedding, it is certainly able to provide a classic feel and has a strong historical value. To impress ‘Java really’, you can use a large wayang gunungan made of wood carvings. And there are two types of gunungan that you can use, namely Gunung blumbangan and Gunung gapuran.

The use of gunungan wayang ornaments also describes the life of the world with every situation that must be faced by the bride and groom. The setting itself is generally used as a background for the wedding or placed as a decorative decoration in front of the wedding stage. You can also put two types of gunungan on the right and left side of the aisle seat.

Carved Wood Decoration

Next, you can use carved wooden decorations that are golden in color with accents of flowers and leaves. To complete it, you can choose a combination of red color shown on the carpet as well as accents in the lamp ornaments. Usually wooden decorations in modern Javanese traditional weddings are located on all parts ranging from the aisle seat, gebyok or background of the aisle, to flower pots.

On the aisle seat you can choose a plain and simple design with a shiny gold or brown base color. If you use this one decoration, then the focus lies on the carvings found on each part of the aisle. The carvings are deliberately highlighted to create a historical impression like in the Javanese Kingdom in general. With the warm lighting of the chandelier, of course, will produce a very artistic atmosphere.

Then that became one of the things that is synonymous with this Javanese traditional wedding is the existence of gebyok which is used as the background of the wedding. This Gebyok itself is an imitation of a joglo house consisting of two wooden doors and windows. Gebyok decorations also usually come from teak wood decorated with a variety of Javanese carvings and flower carvings in some corners. You can also add reroncean jasmine flowers that stick out to the bottom.

Traditional houses and birdhouses

If you have more funds, then you can rent a traditional Javanese house, namely a joglo house for a wedding procession. On the front of the modern Javanese traditional wedding house, you can decorate it by adding some white bird cages as a place for lights. Complete also with a jug or drinking place that comes from clay filled with flowers and batik cloth arranged underneath.

Actually at this point it doesn’t have to be at your wedding, but if you want a thick Javanese custom then you can use this one decoration. You can also decorate around it with a small garden along the entrance to the wedding room. Add also with a long carpet at the bottom that is purple or brown as a sweetener.

Mystic Glamour and Classy

The next decoration that brings the impression of a glamorous and also classy mystic. You can create it from the selection of colors on the wedding stage. Such as the selection of dark red with white flowers, as well as the addition of various types of other ornamental plants that have dark colors from dark green to purplish. For the selection of the red color can actually come from the support of the lamp or the color of the wood decoration.

Then for the chandelier, you can choose a yellowish color on each side of the aisle. Not only dark colors, you can also create a theme with a fresh green color with the addition of traditional yellow lights. The green color is based on the story of the south coast sea. And add original flower arrangements to sweeten the look of the aisle as well as the modern Javanese traditional wedding room.

Additional green color is also able to make your wedding look quite luxurious. Usually on this classy concept has yellow lighting that is able to display a more luxurious and classy impression. The green color that is focused on this decoration comes from a variety of ornamental plants that are decorated around the wedding hall and wedding room. At the top of the aisle, there are pastel-colored flower arrangements that are calm and cool to the eye.

Batik Decoration

Batik Motif is never timeless, every day there are always new motifs and deep meaning. Now batik began to be combined with a variety of modern clothes, or sewn into a wedding dress coupled with beautiful sequins. The same is also the decoration on this Javanese traditional wedding decoration. With the addition of batik is able to give a special impression on your wedding.

In contrast to a variety of other decorations that show a more luxurious impression, but this batik decoration gives a simpler look. The basic color that you can choose is white or also light cream, and is supported by a variety of colorful flower decorations. The wedding chair is also equipped with batik patterned pillows. This one decoration is certainly very suitable for those of you who want a simple modern Javanese traditional wedding concept.

Those are some of the decorations that support your wedding that are nuanced by modern Javanese customs. All of these decorations are not impossible to realize if you want to combine the concept of ancient Javanese decoration with the concept of modern Java. Precisely the results given will look more luxurious, classic, and creative. Not only that, the decoration is also able to give a deep historical value to your wedding.

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