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Wedding delivery is one of the important things to give to prospective brides. Delivery is usually given in the form of food, personal equipment, clothing to prayer tools. To save money, you can make your own wedding. Because how to make a parcel as happy as a wedding is not difficult to do. Here’s the full review.

Making Wedding Delivery Form Mosque

Conducting shaped mosque would be one of the mainstays for seserahan wedding. The tools and materials you need are mukena or prayer rug, cardboard, needle pentul, plastic soccer ball, newspaper, plastic soccer bottle, small plastic ball, newspaper, two pieces of mineral water, tape, scissors and cutter. Prepare all the ingredients completely so that it will be easier for you to make seserahan.

The first step is to cover the soccer ball with newspaper so that it is not slippery when assembled with mukena. Do not forget to line also small balls using newspapers. Next, cut off the bottom of the plastic bottle, and leave the top. For size, you can estimate yourself how high the mosque you want to make. Then you take another bottle and cut off the top. Try not too down so that the mocong from the bottle is still a little left.

How to make a parcel as happy as the next wedding is to put a small plastic ball that has been coated with newspaper on the bottle. Glue it with tape, then you should process the previously prepared cardboard. First you need to process a sketch of a circle with a size slightly smaller than a soccer ball. Then insert the ball until it sinks halfway, so that the tape can be stronger and not easy to slide.

Make the minaret of the mosque using the lower part of the frame. Wrap the skeleton of the tower from the cardboard and balls that you have wrapped. Trim the part by pinning using a pin needle. Pair the mukena that you have made earlier with the tower. For prayer mats, there can be put on the back of the mosque which is the background of the seserahan.

Making Parcel delivery from Mukena flower shape

If you are bored with The Shape of the mosque, you can make seserahan with The Shape of a flower so that it is more beautiful. To make this seserahan there are some materials that you need to prepare such as mukena, paperboard, rubber or rope, plastic, basket and ribbon. The first step in how to make a parcel as bright as a wedding is to first draw flower petals with a large size of five pieces.

Then make another flower petal with a smaller size, after that you can pair the paper pattern in mukena and close it using a rope. As much as possible to find the right and beautiful mukena pattern for mukena. After that, form a circle. Put the mukena first, then prepare the newspaper and squeeze it into a ball.

For the size of these petals you can adjust as needed. After that, attach the lump of paper in the middle of the flower that has been paired before. After that you can arrange the petals so that they have a large flower part. This also applies to flowers that have a small size where you have to put and arrange flowers so that they can look more beautiful.

As for the Sajadah, you can shape it into a fan. Put on the back of the flower shape from the already made mukena. Arrange the flowers into the bed as neatly as possible. You can also add accessories to enhance the flowers. Wrap it using plastic and add a ribbon to beautify seserahan. Parcel seserahan was ready to be given when the event took place.

Making Seserahan Rabbit Motif Bath Tools

In addition to conducting made of mukena, there is also a way to make a parcel as bright as a wedding from a towel. Instead of just folding towels, it is certainly not unique and interesting so you have to think of creative ideas to make a delivery of towels. Some of the materials and tools that you must prepare include bath towels, baskets or boxes, ribbons, tape, scissors, newsprint, doll eyes, pin needles, newsprint to rubber bands.

The first step is to prepare the materials and tools to make the delivery of the towel. Then take a towel and spread it on the floor of the room or table. Then take the tape at the ends and tie each on the side of the towel using an elastic band. Then join the two ears together with a rubber band. At the bottom of the rabbit you will find the rest of the towel section.

Pull the part up to form the rabbit’s face. Hold it first with your hands and then pull it until it becomes a head shape. Then you can pin the pin needle to maintain the shape of the rabbit’s head and face. Next you can pull the bottom to form the body and neck of the rabbit. How to make parcel wedding seserahan next is to pin the needle pentul useful to maintain its shape.

If it is then tie the four ends at the bottom of the rabbit premises kaet. To add to the ekstetika of the rabbit, then you can add some cardboard paper to fill his stomach. Also attach the doll’s eyes using double-sided tape. After that, you can install and assemble it in the basket along with other tools. Don’t forget to cover it with plastic so that it doesn’t get dirty easily.

Making passes from cosmetics

In addition to mukena and towels, you can use cosmetics for wedding delivery. For the delivery of clothing and cosmetics it can be tailored to the tastes of the bride. First prepare a seserahan box and insert a pad or stand for arranging cosmetics. Actually to make the bearing Or holder only as optional. You can also directly arrange cosmetics at the base of the seserahan box.

Tatalah cosmetics start from the large size first. Then you can arrange cosmetics that have a small size that can be placed on the front. The goal is that the appearance of the seserahan box becomes more attractive. To put it you can arrange with makeup standing or sleeping position. But if tapa pads, cosmetics can be placed by standing.

Decorate the bearing parts with ribbons and accessories as desired. Also put the ribbon at the right angle. You can use a hot glue gun to glue the decoration. Put also decorate flowers and other accessories. Try not to put accessories in excess. Then if you already feel the delivery is quite interesting, then check back the existing decorations. How to make the parcel as bright as the last wedding is to cover with plastic or mica.

There are so many choices of delivery that you can choose for a wedding seserahan. By providing a unique and funny wedding delivery, it will give a special impression to the bride. You can choose to provide parcel delivery in the form of mukena, towels or cosmetics. By having a funny delivery, guaranteed couples will feel happy when they get the delivery.

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