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Maybe the Facebook application, especially in mobile phones, is one of the applications that we open almost every day, my friend. In addition to its main function as a social media for friendship, Facebook can be used for business or shopping Online. When you open the Facebook application, surely you often see certain icons or symbols that you may have never been a button or do not know its function. Therefore, when we see an icon or symbol that we think is Foreign then we will be careful to touch it without understanding what will happen if we press the button because we do not know the meaning. But don’t worry buddy, we are here to help and explain the meaning/meaning of Facebook symbols and icons in this list.

List of Facebook symbols and icons

Here we have summarized the symbols and icons on Facebook. Hopefully this article can help you explore the features and benefits. So. just take a look at the following reviews :

1. Facebook Shortcuts Bar

Shortcuts Bar is at the top on Android and at the bottom on iOS. It consists of Shortcuts Bar that allows you to quickly access important Facebook features.

  • Home/Home : This icon contains feeds from your friends whose contents are in the form of status updates of your friends, videos, stories, there are also paid ads, etc.
  • Flag : This icon represents pages Facebook. It allows you to access pages that you manage, see pages that you like, make pages new, and more.
  • Video : The video or Play icon contains videos on Facebook Watch where you can watch videos.
  • Shop/Shop : The symbol of the store, of course, this represents Facebook Marketplace. you can buy items that are on sale or search for items you want in the Marketplace.
  • bells : Place all your notifications.
  • Three-bar : Three-bar icon to open the menu, which contains all the shortcuts and other features including Settings.

Just info Facebook lets you set shortcuts bar to hide or show shortcuts bar as you wish. To do this, open the Facebook app Menu using the three-bar icon. Open Settings & amp; Privacy > Settings > shortcuts bar. You can enable or disable shortcuts bar necessary.

2. Create A Post

“What do you think?” maybe this box we use very often, my friend, Yups this box to post what we think about both status, want to vent, give info, upload photos, do live broadcasts, ask for recommendations, and more.┬áJust tap the box “What do you think?” You to go to the Create post screen and see the available options.

Before the box, you will find your profile picture. Tap to view your Profile screen. On the right side of the box, the Album icon will take you to the gallery where you can select and upload photos to Facebook.

What Facebook symbols and icons have in mind

Before the box, you will find your profile picture. Tap to view your Profile screen. On the right side of the box, the Album icon will take you to the gallery where you can select and upload photos to Facebook.

3. Facebook Privacy Symbol

Under each post, you will see four types of privacy icons. what do you mean? here’s the explanation

  • small globe : This icon means that the post is public and everyone can see it.
  • Silhouettes of two or three people : The two-person icon means that the post is for friends only, while the three-person silhouette indicates that the post is shared with friends and friends of the person.
  • Gigi : This icon indicates that the post has been shared with a special setting that only allows a few people to see it.

4. Facebook Search Symbol

When you open the search screen, you will find three symbols: a clock, a lens and a cross.

  • Gray clock symbol : The gray clock icon next to some search items means that they are from your previous searches. That is, you have already looked for it in the past.
  • Lens : If you see the Lens symbol next to some names, it means that Facebook automatically suggests them based on your search query.
  • Cross : The cross Icon (X) next to a search query allows you to remove it from your search history.

5. Facebook Comment Symbol

On the comments screen, you will find the following four symbols from Facebook:

  • Camera : Use it to add photos from your phone in the comments.
  • GIF : This icon allows you to add a GIF as a comment.
  • Avatar : Tap the Avatar icon to create or add your own personal avatar to the comment.
  • Stickers : Use this icon to add stickers to comments. You can also install sticker packs from these icons.

Apart from the icons above, you will find some random symbols as comments from Facebook users. For example, you may often see comments with dots (.), follow, or f. People usually comment on this so they receive a notification from the post when someone else comments.

However, you don’t need to do that because Facebook provides a native feature to enable post notifications. For that, tap the three-dot icon on the post and select enable notifications for this post.

6. Symbol Profile Picture

Blue Circle : A blue circle around a user’s profile picture means they’ve added a Facebook story. Tap the profile picture to view the story.

Gray or white circles : Once you see someone’s story, a blue circle will appear as a greyish white indicating that you have seen all the stories from that person.

So long ago, friend, hopefully this article can help you in the future

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