Seven cool things about rooted Android phones

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Many Android phone users are competing to root their favorite gadgets. And, it is possible that you are one of them. But then the big question arises, What are the advantages of a rooted phone?
The answer to this question is certainly very much. You can customize the ROM, overclock the CPU, remove system applications that you think are useless and others.
Of the many uses of root On Android phones, here are 7 cool root functions on Android phones. If you have an opinion, feel free to leave a comment in the column below.
1. Removing Bloatware

For the most part, an Android phone comes with applications that are not even useful and not used by its users. These useless applications, commonly called bloatware.
For this one thing, on an Android phone that has been rooted, you can delete or disable the application. To do this, one easy way you can do is use Gemini App Manager.
2. Install custom ROMs

This is what makes root Android phones the most fun. Especially on the internet there are many types of custom ROMs that can produce much better performance compared to stock ROM.
3. Overclock CPU

An application called SetCPU you can use it to overclock the Android phone. With this application, you can easily set the CPU speed you want.
4. Recording Video on the screen

Taking screenshots of the screen is common. But with a rooted phone, you can use an application called Screencast which is able to take screenshot of your Android phone screen video recording. Later, the recorded video has MP4 format.
5. Any Backup

Armed with applications Titanium Backup, You can backup everything on your phone at once. From data, applications that have been installed, system applications and others.
6. Remove Ads

By using the app AdFree, the screen on your phone will be free from the usual ads popping up on free applications.
7. Lost Warranty

By rooting an Android phone, your phone’s warranty may not apply. You can do unroot. However, there are some phones that are equipped with software that can detect the action of rooting. In addition, doing random customization can also lead to mobile brick.

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