SEO secrets: 3 ways to optimize image SEO in Blogspot posts (Pejwan)

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SEO secrets: Tutorial on how to optimize image SEO in articles/Blogspot posts

In writing and/or making articles, images play an important role in order to improve the quality of a post on the blog.

Examples of pictures illustration, often interpreted as a visualization that is at the same time an event. In addition, an image can also describe an article succinctly — although, sometimes it’s not clear what it means.

The image is what the reader sees first; if the image is interesting, then the article will be opened, — Of course supported by an interesting article title as well.

SEO secrets: 3 ways to optimize image SEO in Blogspot posts (Pejwan)

The problem is, as good as the image is, it will not have a significant impact if it is not optimized as well as possible. What kind of optimization? So, I will explain how to use SEO on images in blogspot posts.

SEO secrets: 3 ways to optimize image SEO in Blogspot posts (Pejwan)

1. Creating an article image with text: the same as the post title

The easiest Sample to understand here is the article you are reading this time. Look at the main picture, it’s text, right? Why would I do that?

That is one of my personal SEO strategies; I deliberately made the image so that readers can open my article directly, right when users (prospective readers/visitors) look at the image in Google search.

SEO secrets: 3 ways to optimize image SEO in Blogspot posts (Pejwan)

The above is an example of the case study I am referring to. Got it, right? In retrospect, it’s pretty influential on organic traffic, right?

Indeed, the picture is simple, simple, and not neko-neko. The impact on Organic Traffic is pretty good. And the result for now, quite significant!

2. How to save and / or upload images to posts

After my friend made a picture with the text (No. 1 Above), whether the results are in JPG, PNG, JPEG, GIF, and so on; make sure you know how to save the image.

Save images with keyword names! Example, the title of the article, “How to make cold compote.” So, the name of the image that will be saved later, more or less like this, “tutorial-How-to-make-water-compote-cold-delicious-banget-month-Ramadan.”

Trivial? Really. How does it affect SEO? Incredible.

3. Install or add Title text and Alt Text attributes

If you feel step No. 1 Above is useful and you want to apply on your personal blog, note that you also have to add attributes Title and Alt Text in that picture.

This attribute will direct our image to appear in Google search results as example No. 1 Above.

Because I happen to use the Blogspot platform as my blogging medium, how to install the title Text and Alt Text attributes in the image as follows:

  • Insert images as usual, then arrange the layout in such a way;
  • Tap the image once, will automatically appear a Bar or a row Anchor Text such as Small, Medium, Left, Center, Add Caption, Remove, and so on;
  • Select Properties, please enter keywords, then tap OK and done.

How to install keywords? Either way, you can, as long as it is relevant to the content of the article. In order not to be confused, just enter the sentence or title of the post. See the picture below:

SEO secrets: 3 ways to optimize image SEO in Blogspot posts (Pejwan)

Well pretty easy to implement, huh? There is nothing difficult in learning SEO strategies and techniques…

Practically Like This…

First, create a picture with text. Then save as tutorial No. 2 above. Next, upload it to the article Chart, and don’t forget to attach the title Text and Alt Text attributes.

In the first few days, the effect is not felt. However, a month later, the effect is good for SEO; both in terms of Organic Traffic (CTR SERP), as well as in terms of assessment of the ranking of articles on the first page of Google.

Believe it or not, please implement the tutorial above on your personal blog. The above strategy, I have implemented in all the sites I have ever created, and the results are quite decent and very significant.

As we know, it is not easy to get Organic Traffic from Google; and think of it, this strategy as a “stepping stone” to achieve maximum organic traffic. Ok hopefully useful.

Thanks for visiting hope ur day is a good day!

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