SEO and SEM strategy comparison, which is good?

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What is SEM? Differences and comparison of SEO and SEM strategies.

98% of senior bloggers are familiar with the terms SEO, SMM, SEM, SMO and various other terms.

Inside seminar or workshop on SEO blogging also, practitioners often use various terms of this blog.

The problem is, from various references that I found, there are still many who equate that SEO and SEM are the same. The truth? Very different. In terms of purpose, the same. In terms of strategy, different.

Basically, both SEM and SEO strategies, both aim to increase visibility, site visitors, and product selling value.

SEO and SEM strategy comparison, which is good?

One of the benefits is that the more visitors you get, the greater the value of the Page and Domain Authority of a site.

When a site gets Page and Domain Authority with a high value, then the selling value of the site also has a very high price.

SEO and SEM: which is better?

SEO is a series of tactics to improve a site’s visibility in search engine results. In addition, the goal of SEO is to drive high-quality traffic to your site, outperform competitors, and convert entrants.

SEO is divided into 2 different techniques; on Page SEO and off Page SEO. These two techniques must be combined in order to obtain optimal results.

SEM is Search Engine Marketing; content marketing strategies, products, articles or sites by relying on PPC and advertising (promotion) in order to get abundant traffic in a fast time.

I want to ask you, which one to choose, whether to use SEO strategies or SEM strategies to get a lot of traffic? Why and what is the reason?

However, if you ask me, I will choose SEM. Why SEM? Why not an SEO strategy?

You see, SEM relies on PPC (pay per click) and promotion to gain visitor visibility; practically, our position here is the same as that of the Advertiser.

For example, you have a Zippo lighter product, because you want to increase sales, then inevitably you have to introduce your product to an audience of people, right?

One way to quickly increase sales of Zippo lighters is, of course, by relying on PPC or promotion. How? By relying on Google Analytics.

Don’t have an account? Don’t know how to play Google AdWords? Look for sites that are crowded, sites that are mostly visited by young people and fathers.

Please promote your product on the site. Believe it or not, in the next few days, your product sales will increase drastically.

If your product, Zippo lighter has its own site, try comparing it with SEO optimization on the site, with SEM strategy. What and how will it be?

SEO optimization takes months to attract potential customers, while SEM? Just the next 1 or 2 days, then the effect will be felt 100% — product sales will increase significantly.

SEM is suitable for Online business

The use of SEM strategy is suitable for things that smell of online business. SEM is not suitable if you only “sell” unique and interesting content.

For example? Blogroll or Link Exchange.

So, if on your site there is a product that you want to sell, then SEM is suitable to be applied to the site.

However, if the site only contains regular articles, it is better not to use the SEM strategy. Especially when it comes to Link exchange.

So, that’s the understanding of SEO and SEM and the comparison. According to my friend, which to choose? And what is the reason?

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