PPPK GURU 2022 is opening soon, this is the priority for Stage 3 Teacher Pppk applicants!

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PPPK GURU 2022 is opening soon, this is the priority for Stage 3 Teacher Pppk applicants!
ASN-PPPK teachers who graduated in 2021 during the NI pppk acceptance event

INFORMASIGTK.COMJakarta. After waiting for certainty whether the stage 3 teacher PPPK Selection will be held or not, finally the government will again hold a selection of government employees with a work Agreement (teacher PPPK) Stage 3 in 2022 after carrying out the stage 1 and Stage 2 teacher pppk selection in 2021. As for the selection of teacher PPPK in 2022, in accordance with the Panrb Regulation Number 20 of 2022 regarding the procurement of teacher PPPK in 2022 Chapter II Article 4, the government divides applicants into two categories, namely priority applicants and general applicants.

Who is a priority applicant?

The priority applicants referred to in the 2022 teacher PPPK budget consist of priority I, II, and III applicants. Priority I applicants are ex-Category II teachers or temporary workers or referred to as (THK-II), PPG graduate teachers, non-ASN teachers and private teachers who meet the threshold values at the time of the pppk Teacher Selection Stage 1 and 2 in 2021 but have not received formation.

As for priority II applicants as stated in the panrb candy number 20 of 2022 Chapter II Article 5 is THK-II. Priority III applicants are non-ASN teachers in state schools registered in dapodik and have a minimum service period of three years. Then how teachers who graduated from PPG and registered in databases graduation PPG Kemendikbudristek and registered in dapodik, including into the category of general applicants.

At a virtual meeting in the socialization event of PermenPANRB No. 20 of 2022, Thursday (09/06) Deputy Bidaang HR apparatus of the Ministry of PANRB Alex Denni mentioned that PermenPANRB No. 20 of 2022 considers how we meet the number of teachers with good quality and distribution.

In the procurement of Pppk Guru 2022 or Pppk Guru Stage 3, there are new rules, namely Priority Selection related to competency selection. The competency selection for priority I applicants uses the results of the 2021 PPPK selection, both Stage 1 and Stage 2. Meanwhile, for applicants priority II and priority III is done by assessing the suitability of academic qualifications, performance, competence and background checks. This is done to meet the quantity that is indeed shortage (shortage) for now, but for those who meet the threshold value in 2021 we give priority, said Alex.

While the competency selection for general applicants is still the same as the 2021 selection, namely using CAT – UNBK to take into account the suitability of managerial competencies, technical competencies, and socio-cultural competencies owned by applicants with job competency standards.

Candy PANRB number. 20 year 2022 is expected to be a way out to meet the needs of honorary teachers, especially for teachers in the 3T region( leading, remote, and disadvantaged).“ We want the local government to dare to propose teacher formation. We will fight for it, because teachers are a basic service to improve our human resources so that Indonesia can progress as it aspires, ” Alex added.

On the same occasion, Director General of teachers and education personnel of the Ministry of Education and culture, Iwan Syahril, said that the mechanism for placing PPPK JF teachers in 2022. Fulfillment of needs is prioritized in priority I Applicants, where as many as 193. 954 teachers who met the threshold value for choosing Pppk teachers in 2021 were placed in learning units based on needs and quotas in the region, without exploring the test again.

“The priority of placement for those who have passed the threshold value for choosing Pppk teachers in 2021 comes from the sequence of applicant types in a row, namely THK – II, non – ASN teachers in state schools, PPG graduates, and private teachers,” he explained. Next, if the formation has not been met, until it is about to be filled by applicants priority II( THK – II) and priority III( Non – ASN teachers in state schools registered in Dapodik and a minimum working period of 3 years). If the selection is still there, the next formation will be opened for the next selection for the general applicant category.

Iwan also said that the 2022 formation is the sum of the remaining formations in 2021 and the formations proposed by the regional government for 2022. This also answered questions from local governments who were considered unsure whether the formation that had been proposed in 2021 would be forfeited or not. That we affirm is not forfeited. This means that the formation of ASN-PPPK teachers in 2021 which is still left as many as 212,392 will still be the formation contested by honorary teachers in 2022, said Iwan to the media virtually.

In total, the formations that have been proposed by the regional government (including religious teachers) for 2022 are as many as 343,631. That means that the number is only about 35 percent of the total needs of existing formations. Iwan said, the key to the success of the procurement of pppk teachers is the formation proposed by the regional government.

So this is not just the fulfillment of personnel, but also the services provided to education that can be reached by the whole community so that our human resources can continue to grow better. close Iwan.

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