Oppo N1 Mini with 5-inch HD touch screen and Octa-Core Processor will be released in May/June

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Oppo fans seem to be happy that in the near future their favorite mobile phone manufacturer will follow the trend that is being loved by a number of leading world manufacturers, related to the possibility of launching a “mini” variant of one of the most popular models of its handsets, the Oppo N1.


According to Hardwarezone, the Chinese company is indeed planning to release another variant of the Oppo N1, which it will refer to as the Oppo N1 Mini. Although the existence of other variants of this handset will not be officially introduced, but Oppo Mobile itself reportedly will soon launch it to the market around May or June to come.

Unlike the original Oppo N1 display which offers a large 5.9-inch capacitive touchscreen panel with full HD (1080p) resolution support, this mini variant handset will reportedly only pack a 5-inch touchscreen panel. Although the screen resolution support is not yet known, but from various discussions it is estimated that the mini variant handset will only offer HD (720p) screen resolution support.

Available in LTE and non-LTE network models, Oppo N1 Mini is expected to be armed with the power of MediaTek’s octa-core processor which incidentally has better capabilities than the original Oppo N1 which is only powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 1.7 GHz Quad-core processor.

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