Married without WO? Know The Composition Of The Wedding Committee In Advance

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Marriage is one of the things that some people look forward to. For that, not infrequently they will do it on a large scale. However, sometimes not all wedding receptions will use wedding organization. So, the family and relatives themselves are the organizers. In order not to be confused, the following is the composition of the wedding committee that you need to know, see more.

A Peek At The Composition Of The Committee At The Wedding That Must Be Known

Sexy Equipment

First, you need a gear section. For the tasks and functions of this section is very much. This can start before the wedding day. The reason is, the equipment section will be in charge of arranging all the equipment needed when the wedding takes place. One of them is in souvenirs. In this equipment section, they are also tasked with finding the best souvenirs needed at the reception.

Not only dwell on souvenirs, this equipment section will also organize other wedding equipment tools. call it like sound, chairs, tables to microphones and also kuade pelaminan. For that, the equipment section has a pretty busy task in preparing everything needed when the wedding reception is taking place.

Section for VIP guests or protocol

The next arrangement of the wedding event committee is a section for VIP guests or protocol. For this one section has a task when the event takes place. You can often find when hosting a show like an MC. In addition, he also has the task of welcoming VIP guests. Because VIP guests will often be given a more honorable welcome and a different seat.

For its own tasks, this protocol section will prepare the voice and schedule. This is because he is in charge of guiding the event and also speaking throughout the wedding reception, from opening to closing. For that, when you want to receive VIP guests, the two families should have confirmed in advance who will later become VIP guests.

Sexy Consumption

The consumption section is one of the arrangements for the wedding committee that you should not miss. this is because this section will be very helpful for wedding receptions on D-Day. With this section, the family will be more comfortable to welcome guests. Because the problem of consumption related to buffet food and dishes delivered to the seats, has been handled by this one section.

Sexy makeup and fashion

For this one section, usually the bride will use the services of makeup artist or now better known as MUA or make up artist. With this one section will be tasked to make up the bride, both the groom and the bride. This makeup section itself usually has a moving Start show flush. Then proceed to the ceremony until the last reception.

In addition, there is also a fashion section whose duty is to arrange clothes and help the bride to change her clothes. Usually, this makeup and fashion section become one package with the same person. In addition to preparing clothes and makeup for the bride, this one section also Makeup other family members such as mother, father and siblings.

Sexy Treasurer

For this treasurer section is better held by the next of kin and also has a responsible and trustworthy attitude. In addition, you also have to choose people who have experience in managing finances so that later the event can take place better without a lack of funds. Because it has a very big responsibility, then you should be careful in choosing this one section.

Sexy Secretary

The next wedding Committee arrangement that you must have is the secretary section. Usually the committee appointed by this section is the type of person who is dexterous and meticulous. In addition, you can choose a person who has a good memory. because, the task of this secretary is to record everything that is needed in marriage. Also included in printing invitations, contacting invited people to spread invitations.

Sexy Bridesmaids

For this section, it will usually be occupied by siblings or cousins. Some of them are also close friends who become bridesmaids. The task of this section is to deliver women when the moment of marriage contract. In addition, this section is also tasked to be a bridesmaid when the bride will sit on the aisle at the reception.

Receptionist and guest book clerk

Continue to the composition of the organizers of other important wedding events. reception is one of the sections that are needed in the wedding reception. This is because he will be in charge of maintaining the guest book when invited guests arrive. Not only that, he also has the task to hand over wedding souvenirs to invited guests who come.

Transportation Section

Next, move on to the transport section. This section has a very important task. Where when the bride uses a wedding car, then this transportation section can be a driver on duty to take the bride to get to the reception and return the bride to her residence. Not only that, for this section, usually also tasked to count the number of vehicles.

Where, sometimes for this section will also prepare a vehicle that will be parked so that invited guests will be more comfortable to enter the reception room. This section also has a duty to ensure that the vehicle to be parked will be safe. This is what causes the transportation section to have cooperation with the parking committee.

Sexy Parking

As discussed earlier in the transportation section, this parking section has the task of regulating the parking position of vehicles. Both family vehicles and for guests. So that later there is no buildup of vehicles and will facilitate guests in the Access out and in the reception area. In general, this one section will work together with the parking section.

Security Section

For the composition of the wedding committee will be in charge of arranging security during the wedding. Usually for this one section will work with local security around the wedding location. In addition, the task of this section is to ensure that the invitations that come are guests who are invited.

Although your wedding does not use wedding organation, but by knowing the composition of the committee available then you can carry out the wedding with the concept. This is so that later the event can take place comfortably, safely and without obstacles. By having the composition of the committee that takes place during the reception will make the event more coordinated.

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