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SKU or business certificate must be familiar to some readers. This type of letter is often requested to support the legality of the company or business that is being undertaken. However, it turns out that there are still many who are unfamiliar with business certificates and are confused about how to make them.

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Definition Of Business Certificate

What is meant by a business certificate or abbreviated SKU is a proof of the legality of a business. This letter or document is useful in applying for business loans and changing electricity tariffs. Or more simply, a business certificate can facilitate the submission of facilities on some private or government-owned services.

There is a separate reason why banks often do not approve loans or credit applications without this SKU. Many people call themselves entrepreneurs and ask for loans to banks, but carry away the money without any intention of returning it in accordance with the provisions.

The decrease in the level of bank confidence in the entrepreneurs is certainly a disadvantage for entrepreneurs, because a business often requires additional funds to develop operations. The existence of this business certificate has been written in the law, namely Law No. 3 of 1982 on compulsory Company Registration, where it is explained about the provisions, duties, functions and procedures of the document.

Function Of Business Certificate

In addition to those mentioned above, there are several other functions of a business certificate. Among others:

  1. Proof of business legality
  2. Terms of making Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN)
  3. Facilitate the process of applying for credit and capital
  4. Documents for inclusion in converting home electricity tariffs to Business tariffs
  5. Loan and credit application terms

Business certificate has an important administrative function for business owners, namely SKU is useful to develop a more qualified business, get legitimate recognition from the government, and have competitiveness.

Besides. SKU can also be evidence to follow the development program of Micro, Small and medium enterprises or MSMEs which are usually held by the government in order to develop small and medium scale entrepreneurs in order to compete and improve business quality.

Business Certificate Management Document

There are several documents that must be prepared before you apply for the SKU to the local government office. These documents become an administrative requirement so that the SKU can be processed immediately. These documents include:

  1. Original identity card and photocopy
  2. Original Family card and photocopy
  3. Cover letter RT or RW
  4. Statement or application letter

It should be noted that each region has its own rules or regulations in the submission and manufacture of this SKU. You can find out what documents are the requirements for making SKU in accordance with the regulations of your domicile.

How To Take Care Of Business Certificate

If you have prepared all the documents as a condition of submitting the SKU, here are the stages or how to take care of a business certificate.

1 # Prepare Personal Documents

What is meant by personal documents is the original and photocopy of KTP and Family Card, as well as a request for SKU submission. Personal documents are very important for checking and including your name as a business owner later. Keep in mind that filing an SKU doesn’t cost anything.

2 # Ask for a certificate RT or RW

The next step is to ask for a certificate from the RT or RW in accordance with your domicile. To submit a request for a certificate from the local RT or RW, do not forget to bring some supporting documents such as a letter of application and your ID card. Mention the purpose and purpose of the request for a certificate from RT or RW is to apply for SKU. After getting this document, then you can forward it to your local village office.

3 # Take care of SKU in the village office

After arriving at the village office, state the purpose and purpose of the application, namely taking care of the SKU. Later, the kelurahan officer will give the SKU application form. Fill out the form correctly and carefully, make sure there are no unfilled fields or errors in writing because they can change the contents of your SKU. After filling out the form, provide the documents along with the supporting documents you brought.

4 # Take care of SKU in the village office

After taking care of the village office, then you forward to the local district office. Here, you need an endorsement from the district to the SKU that you submit. Endorsement is marked with a stamp from the district. The length of time for approval depends on the queue of documents in the district. It’s a good idea to ask in advance how long it will take to retrieve your SKU.

The stamp from the sub-district is to certify your business as stated on the SKU with the letter number. Generally, the validity period of the SKU is 1 year from the issuance of the letter.

Here’s an example of a village certificate, Can be directly edited

Take it to the respective village office-still just ask for a signature, no need to queue

for village letterhead can be downloaded here

Making Business Certificate Online

In addition to taking care of directly, it turns out that you can apply for SKU online or through a website portal provided by the local government. So, you can manage SKUs from your laptop or smartphone.

Requirements and how to make SKU Online

In order to facilitate the registrants, the government then opened an online system for filing business certificates. This is welcomed by people who are limited in mobility and appreciate the government to maximize technological developments.

Filing SKUs online, the government gives regulatory leeway. The way to register SKU online is as follows:

  1. Register online, first go to the website address and go through the entire existing stage of registration. At the top of the website page, click Sign up or sign in with the green column.
  2. If you do not have an account, register by filling in the register field and completing all existing information. After that, enter the captcha code as shown and click the button at the bottom.
  3. Check your email account to see if the registration was successful. The Website will send an account activation link if you successfully register an account.
  4. If successful activation, the website will provide the username and password used SKU registration.
  5. Once registered, login with username, password and fill in the captcha code as in the previous method.
  6. After logging into your OSS account, select business qualification in the business licensing column. Then, fill in the existing data and wait a few moments until a new page appears to re-fill the data.
  7. At the last stage, the applicant’s data display will appear and fill it in correctly. Make sure there are no errors in the filling. After that, click on the bottom option. Next, the final result data will appear that can be printed. The Data is your business certificate.

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