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Facebook Messenger is one of the messaging applications that we often use in addition to whatsapp. we often use it when chatting with friends or chat with online sellers when they want to buy goods on the internet. Facebook Messenger appears very simple but this application is very fast and has a friendly interface for users, so we are all comfortable using it. But sometimes we do not know there is a symbol or icon2 that many who make us not understand. There are so many features of Facebook Messenger that you may not know or even have never used it. In this debate we will thoroughly upas of each function of the icon/symbol. no need to wait, let’s talk one by one.


Profile drawing

In the upper left corner of the screen, you will find your profile picture icon. Tap it to open a menu that houses settings and other account options.

Camera Icon

You will find the camera icon in the upper right corner of the Messenger app. It lets you post stories or send images/videos to your Messenger contacts.

Touch and hold the profile icon to switch between multiple Messenger accounts.

New message

The pencil icon next to the camera icon allows you to start a new Messenger conversation, group or room. Use the lock icon on the new Messages screen to start a secret conversation and send a disappearing message.

Search Bar

Use the search bar to find people, chats, or messages that contain the search term.

Chats and People Tab

At the bottom, you have the chats and people tabs. The first, as is clear, houses conversation threads, while the People tab lists active contacts and also shows Facebook Stories from friends.

Green Dot

A green dot on the person’s avatar indicates that the person is online.

Lock Icon

The lock icon on the avatar means that it is a secret conversation thread in which messages will automatically disappear after a specified time. Inside the secret chat thread, all icons will appear black. You can enable secret conversation for any chat from chat option.

Bells With Stripes

If you see a bell symbol with a line, it means that you have disabled contact notifications. You will not be notified of new messages from them.

Meaning Of Messenger Chat Symbols

Inside the Messenger chat thread, you will see the following icons and symbols.

Phone Icon

Tap this icon to make an audio call to the person. On the call screen, more icons will appear, which are described next.

  • Video: use the video icon at the top to switch to a video call from an audio call.
  • Add: the Add icon in the bottom bar allows you to add more people to the call.
  • Speaker: the Speaker icon places your call on the speakerphone.
  • Microphone: mute calls using the microphone icon.
  • Red phone: tap the Red Phone icon to disconnect the audio call.

Video calls

Tap the Video icon next to the phone icon to start a video call and go to the video call screen, where you will see more icons.

  • Floating white icon: if you look closely, you will see a white floating circle in the lower left corner. Tap to take a screenshot of the current screen and it will be automatically sent to the chat thread.
  • Video: the first icon in the menu bar allows you to turn off the camera during a video call.
  • Switch cameras: use this icon to switch between the front and rear cameras.
  • Microphone: this icon allows you to mute or unmute the microphone.
  • Red phone: use the icon to hang up the call.
  • Effects: you may or may not see an effect icon on your video thumbnail. Nevertheless, tap on the preview window of your video to add effects to your video.

Icons in the Bottom Bar

At the bottom of the chat thread, you have the following icons on both sides of the typing box.

Facebook Messenger Chat Emoji Icons

  • Camera and Gallery: the first allows you to take new photos or videos, while the second allows you to add existing photos or videos from the gallery.
  • Microphone: the microphone icon in the chat thread allows you to send voice messages in Messenger.
  • Smileys: the smiley icons built into the typing box allow you to add emojis, stickers, GIFs, and voice emojis to your chats.
  • Emoji: to quickly send the same emoji, use the emoji icon on the far right side. You can set a different emoji for each chat by going to the chat settings.

Emoji Reactions

Often, you may find random emojis under some messages. It was an emoji reaction. Touch and hold a message to respond to it. Tap the + (Add) icon on the emoji bar to choose from a variety of emojis.

Message Symbols

The message symbol is the icon that appears next to the message after you send it. Here’s what each symbol means:

Unfilled Circle

An unfilled blue or gray circle means your message is being sent.

The Circle Is Not Filled With Checkmarks

This indicates that the message has been sent from your side but has not been delivered.

A circle filled with checkmarks

Once the message reaches the other person, the unallocated circle will turn into a highlighted circle. In other words, the message has been delivered but has not yet been read.

Contact Photo

Finally, when the person sees the message, the circle icon will change to their profile photo. If you have sent a message in a group, you will see several profile pictures.

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