Including Easy, Here Are 8 Different Provincial Marriage Requirements Prospective Couples Must Know

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Marriage is a historic moment in life. Not infrequently, some prospective brides and grooms are brought together with different city or provincial backgrounds. However, some wedding administration processes are often somewhat complicated. There are so many prospective couples who are overwhelmed with taking care of the requirements especially with different provincial backgrounds. For that, this article discusses the marriage requirements of different provinces to help you take care of the conditions easily.

Terms And Preparation For Marriage Different Provinces

Create A Letter Of Marriage Passenger

To take care of this letter, you need to ask for a cover letter from RT / RW first. Prepare a photocopy of your KTP (identity card) and prospective spouse. You can make many photocopies of ID cards just in case they are needed later. After the KTP, you must also photocopy your KK (Family Card) and that of the prospective spouse. One more thing you need is to bring 6000 stamp duty as an official signing.

The function of this 6000 stamp duty is as a condition of making an unmarried statement letter which will be signed by the head of Rt first, after that the local Rw. For those of you who are married to a widower/widow, you must include a divorce certificate. However, usually each region has different regulations and requests. You just need to follow the rules and requests in order to complete this stage one process.

Take care of permission to ride marriage through the introduction of KUA

The second stage to take care of the marriage requirements of different provinces is to ask for a KUA cover letter to apply for a marriage license. You can get this letter by asking the local village office. Don’t forget to bring a photocopy of ID card, photocopy of KK, and RT/RW cover letter that you have prepared. You are also asked to bring 2 x 3 photos of 2 sheets and 3 x 4 photos of 2 sheets.

If you were born in an odd year, then the background color of the photo should be red. If your spouse was born in an even year, then the background of the photo should be blue. And vice versa. Try to keep the photo free, effective formal, and also neat. At this stage, you will usually be asked to pay an administrative fee which is generally Rp. 30,000, but this price may change depending on the policy in each region.

Manage and include proof of Tt1 and TT2 immunization

For some prospective wedding couples, this can seem trivial. However, doing vaccines or pre-marital immunization is mandatory. This evidence will also be one of the requirements for marriage in different provinces in the KUA. The required vaccine is tt1 (Tetanus Toxoid) vaccine. Why should the vaccine be done? The goal is to prevent and avoid the possibility of tetanus disease that can endanger the bride at the time of delivery.

This disease is very vulnerable for women, especially during the period of childbirth. This can be dangerous for both the mother and the future baby. About the price, each hospital or health center has its own policy. Generally, the cost is pegged only Rp. 20,000 only. Again, this policy may vary according to hospital regulations in each region, you only need to follow all procedures provided by the hospital.

Menguasai Komputer (Ms. Office)

You need to know, after asking for a cover letter in the village, you will be given 3 kinds of cover letters. These three letters are N1, N2, and N4. Letter N1 contains information for marriage, letter N2 contains information about the origin and origin, While letter N4 contains information about the parents of both bride and groom. You must remember the function and content of each of these letters as marriage requirements vary by province.

Manage Health Letter

For the prospective bride and groom, it is important that you take care of the health certificate. You can take care of it at the nearest health center or hospital in your area and your partner. This letter decides whether your health is normal and worthy of mating. It is feared, before you carry out the wedding process suddenly you fall ill and can not continue the wedding event again. You can also get post-marriage health counseling services.

Request A Letter Of Recommendation To Move

For those of you who have a potential partner with a different background, you need to apply for a letter of recommendation to move. Why? Because you or your partner will definitely move from their original place, right? Therefore, you must prepare this moving recommendation letter. What must be prepared is a photocopy of KTP and KK, village cover letter, and photo 2 x 3 and 3 x 4 each two sheets.

At this stage, you will be asked to pay an administrative fee of RP. 50,000 only. However, this fee also depends on the policy of marriage requirements of different provinces of each region. Do not forget to bring photocopies of diplomas and birth certificates if required. How to know, at this stage you are asked to show both documents as a comparison to other documents to avoid identity discrepancies.

Menguasai Ms. Office

In this stage, you have to take care with extra care because the process is quite complicated. You must bring all the documents that have been prepared to the KUA. Photocopy of KK, photocopy of KTP, photocopy of Birth Certificate, and all documents that you have taken care of. Then you will be asked by the Kua officer, where will carry out the marriage contract, the purpose is to register if you are willing to do the contract in KUA.

If carrying out a marriage contract outside the KUA office, you must pay an administrative fee of RP. 600.000. However, if you organize a wedding contract at the KUA office, you will not be asked for administrative fees, aka free. After you take care of all the administration in the KUA, the Kua officer will give you an invitation to a wedding seminar where this seminar is also a determination of who will be the principal at the wedding.

Attending A Wedding Seminar

The last provincial marriage requirement is to attend a seminar, try to bring along a potential partner. This is because, in the seminar there was a marriage file signing session. this document must be signed by both bride and groom. It cannot be delegated and cannot be delegated. If the signing process is represented, this will cause differences in identity for both bride and groom.

Marriage is not only valid religiously, but must also be recognized as a legal entity.  Actually, the terms of marriage are not difficult to fulfill, especially for prospective brides who have different backgrounds. By fulfilling the conditions such as taking care of the marriage certificate, you will undoubtedly be made easier to take care of other marriages. The key is to be patient and painstaking, because each stage must go through a fairly complicated phase.

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