How to register Pretest PPG and print s37 in Simpatika

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The Directorate General of Islamic education of the Ministry of Religious Affairs has reopened the registration of PPG academic selection in positions for Madrasah teachers both RA, MI, MTs and MA/MAK
How to register Pretest PPG in Simpatika

Subjects that diampu also includes all subjects, both for teachers who mengampu subjects MI class teacher, class teacher RA, clumps of religion (Qur’an Hadith, jurisprudence, Islamic Cultural History, moral creed, and Arabic) as well as teachers of general subjects
The requirements that must be met for madrasah teachers to be able to participate in the academic selection (pre test) of the Ministry of Religious Affairs PPG in 2022 are as follows:

  • Recorded active in Simpatika as a teacher with the administrative unit of pangkal (satminkal) in Madrasah.
  • Have never attended a teacher certification program and have an educator certificate.
  • Have a minimum academic qualification of S1/D4 which is linear with the subjects chosen according to linearity regulation.
  • Have NPK.
  • Have SK appointment as a teacher with the longest TMT in 2020
  • Maximum age 58 (fifty eight) years old in August 2022

How to register Pretest PPG in Simpatika

After colleagues meet some of the requirements to participate in the Pretest PPG in the position above, the next step please colleagues check their respective Simpatika accounts, if you already meet the requirements, you will get an invitation to participate in the academic selection of PPG in the position more details please read Requirements to get PPG invitation in the previous post

Here are some steps to apply for registration of PPG academic selection in the position in the Simpatika account of each Madrasah teacher

  • The first step please login to your respective Simpatika account
  • Next, make sure that the PPG Menu in the position is already in the respective Simpatika account
  • The next step please click on the menu “PPG Dalam Jabatan” and will display a menu adjunct academic selection PPG Dalam Jabatan
  • To register for the Pretest PPG Madrasah teacher at Simpatika, please click the “Submit PPG”menu
    Apply for PPG

  • The next step will appear Pop up form fields consisting of “Qualification Diploma, Graduation year, college, Prodi diploma and scan Diploma” please fill in accordance with their respective diplomas then please click “True & amp; Continue ”
    Apply for PPG

  • The next step will be presented in the form of fields related to each PPG submission Data, please fill in the submission data consisting of “your Graduate Study Program, the submitted PPG Mapel level and the submitted PPG Mapel” if it is finished, please click “correct & amp; Continue”
    Ajuan PPG

  • The next step please check your PPG submission data colleagues whether your submission data is correct or there is still something to be corrected before you confirm your PPG submission data, if it is correct all please confirm by clicking the “Save”menu
  • The last step please print your letter of invitation (S37) and please wait for the verification process from the local regional office

Please refer to the video How to register Pretest PPG and print S37 in Simpatikan below

After colleagues pass the academic selection PPG the next step please do the registration to follow a series of Professional Teacher Education Program (PPG) in the position in Simpatika, for how you please see the Video How to register PPG in Simpatika below

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