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Android Slow Or Slow

You must feel irritated, annoyed, caused Android are you slow or slow? All Android lovers must have felt it. It depends on what I say.
Here I will give Tips So That Android Is Not Slow Or Slow. CEKIDOOOOTT!!!

  1. Clear or Clear Cache on Internal memory
    The number of “Cache” stored in the HP system memory is a factor why android it can be slow or slow. This is usually less realized by HP users Android, that in fact their cellphone stores a lot of” Cache ” which at any time will continue to grow and will make the performance of their cellphone slower. Without us knowing our activities using HP continuously devote a Cache-Cache. Usually the applications that generate the most cache are browsers, chat applications, or activities using the internet, etc. Solution to solve this problem is not so difficult, you can use the application “DU SPEED BOOSTER”, you can search for it and download it at Google Play (Play Store). The application is to clear the caches stored on your Android phone. Optimize your HP.
  2. Internal memory (RAM) is full
    The most common cause I encounter is the full internal memory of android phones, sometimes for new HP users android many do not realize that hp’s internal memory capacity is not too high (minimal), but it is filled with various applications that take up internal memory (RAM), for that you need to move applications stored to internal memory to the sd card.
  3. Do Not Install Unnecessary Applications
    Many users android users who install applications that are not really needed, or not important. It is better to remove it so that the Internal Memory increases its capacity.
  4. Do Not Use Live Wallpaper
    The use of Live Wallpaper is one of the reasons why Android phones become slow. Because the moving image is an animation that runs on your HP CPU. So, instead you can simply use the default wallpaper HP wrote or your gallery.
  5. Install games / applications according to the ability of your Android phone
    Don’t be too demanding of your android phone with the ability of this application, adjust to the specifications and capabilities of your cellphone, don’t force install Games / Applications the big air-Size, except Android is already High-Class.
  6. Do Not Run Too Many Applications Running In The Background Or At The Same Time
    One of the advantages of smartphones like Android is the ability to run more than one application at the same time, or the cool language “Multi Tasking”. But if too many applications are run at the same time, of course, it will make the performance of Android phones slow down. Determine priorities or be clever in choosing which applications need to be opened and used together, especially applications that are constantly on or used.
  7. Minimize The Use Of Widgets On The HomeScreen
    This Widget on android phones makes it easy to use the available applications. For example, a shortcut to perform a feature on a particular application, or view updated information on the application. But if too many widgets will certainly take up the use of RAM memory on android phones which will result in no more space for the use of other applications. So remove widgets that are at least less important or rarely used.
  8. Disable Auto Update Android Apps on Playstore
    The auto update feature of this android app does feel good to get the updated application, but will feel annoyed if suddenly the phone android you men-download and install the application while it is being used to run other applications. By going to PlayStore, and setting automatic updates (disable).
  9. Do Not Install Heavy Themes
    A Theme that is too heavy that takes a lot of ram will certainly make HP Android you become sluggish. besides, themes that are too heavy usually cause the battery to run out quickly. It is recommended to use the default Theme.
  10. Install Apps To Speed Up Android Performance
    Download applications that help to improve the performance of Android. I myself use supporting applications to speed up the performance of android. I recommend use the app DU SPEED BOOSTER. Why? Karna I feel it using the application DU SPEED BOOSTER. The functionality of the application is very proven, you can download it on PlayStore.

With you read Tips that, hopefully your Android phone is not slow or slow anymore.

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