Get A Good Day, Here’s How To Calculate The Wedding Date According To Javanese Tradition

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Determining a good day for the wedding date is often done by the bride and groom, especially if they still maintain Javanese traditions. It is said that the wedding day can affect the life of the wedding couple in the future. The date of marriage is determined by the elders. But it does not hurt for the bride and groom to know how to calculate the date of the wedding. Here’s the review.

Easy Steps To Determine The Wedding Date According To Javanese Custom

Looking At The Date Of Birth Of The Bride And Groom

The first step that needs to be done to determine the date of marriage, namely by finding out your date of birth with your partner. But the date of Birth used for marriage adheres to the Javanese calendar. As is known if the Gregorian calendar and the Javanese calendar have rules that are not the same. If in the Gregorian calendar only knows the day system, then in the Javanese calendar there is a market system.

This market consists of 5 days including Pahing, Pon, Wage, Kliwon and Legi. But to find out the market you and your partner can be done through the date of birth of each. If you cannot determine the market manually, then you can use the sites on the internet. So, you just enter each date of birth, then the market will appear you and your partner.

Summing The Markets Of Both Pairs

If the market for you and your partner is already known, then the next way to calculate the wedding date according to custom is done by adding the number of markets for both spouses. In Javanese tradition, each market has a lift called neptu. The belief that is still believed to this day, if this neptu can show a person’s personality and luck, including a good date for marriage.

Each day and market has a different amount. For example, Monday has a neptu value of 4, while the pound market has a neptu value of 7. So when your market is Monday pound, then your total value is 11. After that, add up the two neptu pairs. For example if you have neptu 11 and your partner has neptu 17, then the result is 28.

Determining The Best Day

After getting the amount of neptu between you and your partner, then the next step is to determine the Good Day. In the Java calculation, there are 5 circulations for both pairs. Each circulation from numbers 1 to 5, among others, clothing, food, space, loro, starch. Clothing indicates if your life with your partner will be guaranteed in terms of clothing. As for the number two or food, berrai food needs will be met.

But it is strongly recommended to choose circulation number 3, namely the board. From numbers one to five, then you can choose numbers one to three so that in the future you have good luck. How to calculate the wedding date according to Javanese custom is by adding the number of neptu both spouses with good days, then the result is divided by five to get the remaining 3.

For example, if your neptu and your partner add up to 24, an example of a good day is 9. Then you do it by adding the number 24 to 9, then the result is divided by five. Then we get the number three. In addition to the number 9. Another number to get a good day, which is 14. After getting this good number, then you can see the day and the market. For example, for the number nine, then the Good Day can be Sunday wage or Monday Legi.

Determining the best month for a wedding

For the number of months in the Gregorian calendar and the Javanese calendar is no different. However, the naming of the months of each calendar is different. According to Javanese belief, the best months to get married include Jumadil Akhir, Rejeb, Ruwah and Besar. This good lunar forecast has been around for a long time, and it has been made by the ancestors. In addition, you also need to avoid bad months as a way of calculating the wedding date.

Although the number of months in both calendars is the same, the number of days in Javanese and Gregorian calendar months is different. If the number of days in the Gregorian calendar month is 29 to 31 days, then the number of days in the Javanese calendar month is 29 to 30 days. Due to iru, the dates between the months of Java and ad will certainly be different. Every year, the Javanese calendar will shift from the Gregorian calendar.

Thus, you need to double check what is a good date for your wedding. You can see immediately if it has a Java calendar. If you are still confused, you can ask older people and know the Java calendar system. In addition, you can also more easily see this good wedding date online by visiting the Java calendar site.

Determining the best time to get married

After knowing the most appropriate date and month, then next you just determine the most appropriate hour. This rarity, you need a special table that contains about. Market, Clock and the meaning implicit in it. This calculation consists of congratulations, bases, pacak wesi, advice and also fortune. We recommend that you choose the right good hour to get congratulations or fortune.

For example if you have a wage market, then the correct hour is 10.48 or 15.36. How to calculate the wedding date according to Javanese custom, should be adjusted to the building to be rented as well as the time of convenience for invited guests. Also make sure you avoid wedding dates on weekdays or rainy seasons. It is intended that more and more invited guests will attend your wedding.

When The Bride And Groom Have The Same Weton

There are times when the bride and groom have the same weton. To avoid a bad possibility, then you should decide the day of the wedding on another day. For example, if you have a pahing market, while your partner was born during pahing if then the wedding should be held other than pahing day. You can choose Day wage, kliwon, pon or legi.

Time distance with marriage

When choosing a wedding day, then you need to consider the distance between now and D-Day. Make sure the distance is not too tight, so you can prepare the wedding well. Especially when having a wedding, you also need to think about the wedding dress, wedding venue, and catering. The time required to prepare for the wedding is about 8 months to a year.

In addition, you also need to avoid old dates, especially if your invited guests are mostly office workers. Given the old date, most employees will run out of payday money to meet other needs. How to calculate the wedding date by avoiding old dates, aims to make more invited guests attend.

Determining the wedding day is best done by both prospective brides. However, you can also ask for advice from elders to determine the best day according to Javanese beliefs. In addition, you need to prepare a backup date to get around if there will be obstacles on the D-Day. Since marriage is a sacred moment, it is best to have the date of marriage approved by both parties.

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