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Failed UNSRI join list of quality campus accreditation B and UKT cheap Palembang – There are many private and public campuses in Palembang specifically for the state such as UNSRI, POLSRI, POLTEKES, Aviation Polytechnic, UIN, but after USBM registration UNSRI opened which is still open POLSRI registration, the rest have closed.

Another alternative is the existing private campus in Palembang but not all private campuses in Palembang are still open but other considerations are quite expensive, do not choose the wrong campus because the costs incurred to register are also quite large.

In addition to registering through the public line for those who have followed the UTBK line can use the value to register, the registration process can be done by coming directly to campus or online. Many are confused about choosing a campus after failing USMB who only chose UNSRI as a choice of study programs.

Only the rest of the POLSRI is still open for registration, to be clear, the admin has summarized several campuses that can be selected if usmb fails, or many prospective students choose the wrong private campus at USMB because when they want to re-register, it turns out that tuition fees are expensive not as stated on the website.

Usually they will cancel it and can choose another campus that the admin recommends for college based on two considerations of minimum accreditation of Campus B and the average accreditation of the department also B because the diploma will not be useful if the campus is not accredited, for more details see more below :

SMM Line State Polytechnic of Sriwijaya

Is an independent path opened by the srwijaya State Polytechnic as well as being one of the State campuses that are still open after USMB UNSRI, many prospective students who do not pass the independent path UNSRI still want to study abroad, now that there are still openings POLSRI Department opened by POLSRI :

S1 equivalent DIV Program

  1. Road and bridge planning
  2. Mechanical Engineering Production and maintenance
  3. Energy Engineering
  4. Industrial Chemical Technology
  5. Electrical Engineering (Mechatronics Concentration)
  6. Telecommunication Engineering
  7. Digital Multimedia Information Technology
  8. Public Sector Accounting
  9. Business Travel
  10. Business Management
  11. Information Management

Tuition fees for the independent path according to the UKT category of 7.5 jt-5.5 million are recommended for DIV courses, but for those who plan to study DIII are also available at POLSRI. Registration Link

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For those who feel failed USBM who only chose UNSRI but after not graduating changed their minds to go to college, especially those who have FKIP study programs can choose PGRI as one of the private campuses that have the cheapest tuition fees and have B accreditation. Here’s the program-specific information.

  1. Physical Education
  2. Performing Arts Education
  3. Elementary Teacher Education
  4. Bhs Education. England
  5. Bhs Education. Indonesia
  6. Mathematics Education
  7. History Education
  8. Accounting Education
  9. Guidance and counseling
  10. PAUD Teacher Education
  11. Geography Education
  12. Physics Education
  13. Vocational Education In Automotive Technology
    Economics & business
  14. Management
  15. Accounting
  16. Digital Business
  17. Electrical Engineering
  18. Civil Engineering
  19. Chemical Engineering
    Science & technology
  20. Biology
  21. Physics
  22. Environmental Science
    Fisheries & amp; Marine
  23. Fish Farming (D3)
  24. Fisheries Science

For the S1 level, the entire cost of education is around 3.9 million specifically for children, teachers will be given an additional discount of around 20% by attaching a parent’S decree. For accreditation of study programs average B. The registration process can be through or you can go straight to campus.

University Of Muhammadiyah Palembang Registration

Alternative college campus with good quality but still cheap can register Muhammadiyah University of Palembang flagship study program on campus is a medical education and followed by other courses such as :

  1. Indonesian Language Education (B)
  2. Education Administration (A)
  3. Mathematics Education (B)
  4. Biology Education (A)
  5. History Education (A)
  6. English Language Education (B)
  7. Professional Teacher Education (Good)
  8. Agribusiness (B)
  9. Agricultural Technology (B)
  10. Food Technology (B)
  11. Accounting (A)
  12. Forestry (B)
  13. Law (A)
  14. Islamic communications and Broadcasting (B)
  15. Islamic Education (B)
  16. Islamic Finance Law (B)
  17. Islamic Economics (B)
  18. Medical (B)
  19. Medical Education (B)
  20. Chemical Engineering (B)
  21. Civil Engineering (B)
  22. Electrical Engineering (B)
  23. Architecture (B)
  24. Industrial Engineering (Good)
  25. Information Technology (Good)
  26. Management (A)
  27. Accounting (B)

Those interested can register through the site or you can directly come to the campus of the University of Muhammadiyah Palembang can also use the value of UTBK for selection without having to pay registration money again.  The average tuition fee is from 3.8 million-10 million depending on the major.

Binadarma University Registration

Binadarma is one of the best private campuses with computer majors it has been proven that many binadarma graduates have received foreign scholarships such as china and others for those who are interested in registering for computer courses can register in addition there are several study programs available as follows :

  1. Information Systems (Accreditation A)
  2. Information Technology (Accreditation B)
  3. Accounting (Accreditation B)
  4. Management (Accreditation B)
  5. Civil Engineering (Accreditation B)
  6. Electrical Engineering (Accreditation B)
  7. Industrial Engineering (Accreditation B)
  8. Psychology Study Program (Accreditation B)
  9. Communication Studies Program (Accreditation A)
  10. Pen Study Program. Indonesian Language (Accreditation B)
  11. Sports Education Study Program (Accreditation B)
  12. English Literature Study Program (Accreditation B)
  13. Hospitality Management (D4)

For tuition fees ranging from 5.4 million – 7.5 million per month there is a base payment of 3.5 million S1 and 2.5 million for vocational education. On average, those who choose UBD campus choose computer majors.

Tridinanti University Registration

For those who want to study management or engineering, even the Tridinati campus FKIP can be an alternative choice to have Campus B accreditation with an average of B major accreditation, with these considerations, each prospective student can choose a variety of study programs offered as follows :

  1. Management
  2. Accounting
  3. Finance & Banking
  4. Marketing Management
  5. Civil Engineering
  6. Mechanical Engineering
  7. Electrical Engineering
  8. Industrial Engineering
  9. Architecture
  10. Argotechnology/Agricultural Cultivation
  11. Argobusiness / Socioeconomic Agriculture
  12. English Education
  13. Indonesian language &literature education

UTP campus tuition fees of 3.5 million for regular classes and 5 million for employee classes, are quite affordable.

All universities that have been discussed above also provide KIP Kuliah for those who are eligible to register through the Kip Kuliah program 100% free, for the advanced selection process will be informed by each campus.

Every private university in Palembang has a major
superior each stay willing to choose a study program and select campus
in accordance with the desired course, there are many campuses
other private that could be an alternative to college but consideration
another is the cost and accreditation of cheap and quality tuition.

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