Copas article on this Blog? Get your site Banned by Google quickly

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Beware of this Blog post: Get Your Site Banned by Google

A few days ago, one of the articles subscribed Pejwan property SEO Killer Tips by title How To Claim Site Authorization in Copas Raw-Raw by novice bloggers.

It didn’t take long for me to report it to the Google DMCA, — just like the tutorial steps outlined in the article How to report a copied Blog article to Google DMCA. Within a few days, the site was immediately Banned by Google; invisible and drowned in the Swallow of the Earth.

Copas article on this Blog? Get your site Banned by Google quickly

Unfortunately, the Custom Domain used by the site is a TLD with the extension . ID (Dot I-D). As we know, domains with extensions . ID it’s a very expensive extension. The rental price per year, can reach Rp 500,000, – if promo, the price is Rp 275,000,-

Thankfully, if the owner of the blog uses the services of buying and selling cheap domains for Rp 10,000-Rp 15,000, – (whatever you call it).

Until now, the author managed to report dozens of blogs/sites that were caught copying articles SEO Killer Tips raw. Some are not reported for leaving sources, footnotes, or references – both active and inactive links (thanks!).

From now on, respect other people’s writing. Be careful Copas articles on my personal blog, could-Could your site Banned by Google. That’s all, thank you.

Thanks for visiting hope ur day is a good day!

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