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Who does not know Lesti Kejora?

Sabangdut with the real name Lestiani is a dropout of the Talent Search event d’academy Season 1 and came out as the first winner. Women born in Bandung August 5, 1999 has a myriad of talents and achievements that deserve thumbs up.

Currently, the public is highlighting Lesti’s romantic life with Rizki Billar which began to be intertwined since 2020 until getting engaged in June 2021. In addition to the love life and glorious achievements of Lesti Kejora, the public also really enjoyed the fashion style of the owner of the song Kejora and Zapin Melayu. As a woman in her 20s, Lesti has a unique and feminine style. Since officially using the hijab, Lesti popularity skyrocketed, as well as the fashion style mojang Bandung.

This time, we will give some recommendations ootd Lesti Kejora that you can contek for various activities. Curious? Check out the explanation below, yes!

Beautiful in White

White color is never wrong to use anytime and anywhere. Lesti combines monochrome style or one color style into her outfit of the day. Mix and match this can you contek to go to kondangan or for a date with a partner.

Lesti has a relatively small body, so the use of straight pants combined with pump type shoes makes the legs look more level and slim. In order not to be monotonous, Lesti combines a white blazer with a blouse with a soft color pattern so that it is not too crowded and in accordance with the theme of clothing.

The choice of brown hijab also makes Lesti’s skin look brighter and avoids dead colors due to mixing and matching pastel and white colors. For the bag, you can use the type of flap bag like Lesti or also a clutch of similar color.

Going Street Style

Despite having a feminine background, Lesti is not afraid to explore various styles of clothing, including street style that is in among young people today. Lesti combines oversized t-shirt with black and white stripes as the basic style of the contemporary street style.

With a body that is classified as petite, Lesti uses washed flare jeans with a cut above the ankle that makes it more level. The use of chunk sneakers or sneakers with thick soles like in this mix and match can be your trick to be a few centimeters taller.

Hug The Teddy

Lesti has a feminine sense of fashion. Starting from the selection of colors that tend to pastel colors, earth tones, and bright colors, to the use of skirts and dresses in various occasions. As in this OOTD.

The Bandung-born woman uses a white maxi dress with Wrinkle accents on the arms and abdomen which makes the dress more feminine and not boring. As a hijab, Lesti chose pink or pastel pink which makes the look of this 20s woman look clean and feminine. Look at this one you can contek for a picnic with friends or when gathering with family. Besides being comfortable, you still look fresh and stylish.

Beautiful with weaving

As a public figure, Lesti tries to maintain her identity as an Indonesian citizen by using local fabrics, such as batik and weaving. In this fourth outfit of the day, Lesti uses a suit of dark woven fabric that makes her look beautiful.

The use of a size larger than the original size or oversized on the OOTD Lesti this time gives the impression of elegance and simplicity to be used in various occasions. Like coming to kondangan, visiting semi-formal events to have dinner with your loved ones.

In order not to be too full, you can style hijab with a style like Lesti, which summarizes the neck so that the face is more relieved and the neck is more level. In addition, you can use sandal type heels that are open at the toes for a relaxed impression, or it could be with pointy heels that make the feet look more pointed and level.

Pinky ‘ S Wear

Look at this one you can contek for the concept of pre-wedding or just a beautiful photo shoot with friends in the book of memories. The look of feminine Lesti mostly combines white and pink colors which make it more elegant and beautiful. The use of a stacked ruffle skirt can make you more comfortable to do activities outside without fear of sultry and complicated. You can also replace it with your favorite satin or plisket skirt.

For the top, Lesti uses an outer or pink blouse with a shiny material such as satin. Puff pieces on the sleeves make Lesti look like a princess this time or a royal princess outfit.

As footwear, you can use flat shoes that are comfortable to walk outside or can also be with your favorite sneakers. Pro tips, you can choose sneakers with white color to match the skirt you use.

Beautiful with Pattern

Clothing with a pattern that is full and crowded is often avoided because it can make the body look fatter and too crowded to be seen. Wrong use of clothes with a pattern can also make the outfit of the day look scary.

But, Lesti managed to make a suit with this pattern look attractive and beautiful for everyday use. Lesti chose a peach color that makes the look fresher and makes the pattern look smaller. In addition, Lesti uses a hijab whose color is in harmony with the basic color of the clothes, so it still looks sweet and harmonious. This Look can really contek you just for a walk to the mall or when traveling out of town with family or friends. You are comfortable, the outfit is safe.

OOTD to campus

Lesti is a Mercu Buana University student majoring in Public Relations. In the midst of her busy life as a singer and actress, Lesti still took time to study in college. Well, ootd Lesti Kejora this time can really be copied as an outfit of the day to go to campus or group work with friends.

Although more often seen wearing formal clothes, Lesti also likes to use a mix and match that is relaxed and comfortable like this one look. Lesti uses high waist jeans combined with stripes shirt blend of black, white, purple and magenta.

For the exterior, Lesti uses a light blue semi-parka that makes the look look fresh and young. You can also replace this outer use with your favorite bomber jacket or cardigan in your collection.

Army Display

Eits, the army we are discussing here is open ARMY BTS, but the army color or dark green color has become a favorite lately. Mix and match this Lesti can you contek while attending a campus seminar or for a semi-formal look, loh.

Lesti uses outer with a lighter color than the hijab and pants worn so as not to be monotonous and balance the white color of the blouse that becomes internal. In addition, Lesti uses sneakers for a more relaxed but still neat impression for a semi-formal look.

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