4 surefire ways to overcome AdSense rejected because of related other emails

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Tutorial: solutions, causes and how to solve Google AdSense rejected because it is related to other emails

On site eligibility to participate in Google AdSense, it is explained that the account should not be associated with another email. If you have to, you have to go through latest application/submission which is complicated.

Actually, the “forced” solution that I mean above is very complicated because it has to go through several steps that are classified as difficult to understand, let alone skipped, — especially for beginner bloggers (publishers).

Before getting to the heart of the article, we should know in advance what kind of Google email about the “status of your AdSense application”.

4 surefire ways to overcome AdSense rejected because Related other emails

The status of your AdSense application

Thank you for your interest in Google AdSense. While reviewing your application, we found that your account information matches the currently approved AdSense account associated with xxxx…@gmail.com.

Due to our AdSense programme policy not allowing more than one account, we are currently unable to accept your new application.

If you can’t access your approved account with xxxx…@gmail.com, follow the steps in our sign-in troubleshooter. If you are unable to regain access to your account in the process, you will find an option to contact us. Next, we’ll work with you to access your account using your desired login.

If you need more than one AdSense account, please see this help article for more guidance on how to submit more than one request.

If you want to add xxxx@gmail.com as a sign-in to an approved account, you can do so by following these steps.

4 surefire ways to overcome AdSense rejected because of related other emails

Okay, got a picture? According to the email, right? Well, just go to solving the problem; about solutions, causes and how to overcome the Google AdSense account that is rejected because it is associated with another account.

4 surefire ways to overcome AdSense rejected because of related other emails

1. Sign up for Google AdSense twice in one Email account

In some problems, usually this happens because the email used has been registered to Google AdSense through blog A, but you register again to Google AdSense with blog B.

Happens duplicate or” twice ” registration in one time, right? There is nothing wrong with Google.

To make matters worse, I don’t know myself. Some AdSense practitioners, advise to cancel Google AdSense. I have never done it myself, it was a bit anxious when I canceled the existing AdSense.

The best solution on this number one, wait.

Wait for the notification whether the account is accepted by Google AdSense or rejected. If accepted, thank God. If not, it’s up to you how it goes.

2. Using the same name, address, identity, or ID card

Believe it or not, using the same identity such as name, address, date of birth, etc.also becomes a problem the message appears, “AdSense is rejected because it is related to other emails.”

Try not to register your blog with Google AdSense with the same identity. The solution? I think you guys know enough to make this point.

3. Email A and Email B are interrelated (integration)

Some bloggers — including me, prioritize the security of their email accounts so they don’t get lost, for the reason that they integrate with other important things like college assignments, work, and so on.

Because the intention is not to want to lose an email account, usually will fill out the entire email account creation form; such as Email Recovery, Phone Number, and verification in 2 steps.

Look, if email A is considered legitimate as a Google AdSense publisher, while email B is used as a Recovery Email even though email B will be registered with Google AdSense, in fact… this is what causes the warning message to appear, ” AdSense is rejected because it is related to another Email.”

Make sure, email A and email B are not integrated into each other in any form; both the cellphone number, repair email, and all existing information.

4. Registering a Google AdSense account with the same device

Google is the largest company in the world, and even when it comes to the development of the Internet, they are the Champions.

Practically this way, Google’s system will determine that one IP and Mac Address of the device used, will be associated automatically for one Google AdSense account.

So, one IP and Mac Address is only for one Google AdSense account; no more than that.

Problems, issues, or solutions clearing the browser Cache used? I’m sure, it doesn’t work. The best way is to visit the nearest internet cafes, and make the most of it. True? Yeah.

Still related to “the same device”, I once touched on the issue of AdSense whose case is almost the same as this point, about Are Google AdSense accounts safe to use on different computers.

Additional Tutorial: Changing Blog Admin (Admin Permissions)

Honestly, this last point is just my guess. However, it could be, the cause of the appearance of “AdSense rejected due to other Email-related” due to Admin Permissions problems.

For example, you have blogs A and B. Blog A has been accepted by Google AdSense, and currently registered is blog B. Each blog has its own admin. In blog B, it turns out that there is an admin of blog A who is allowed to be the admin of blog B. This could be the problem, right? So, the solution to overcome it, delete the Admin Permission of the admin of blog A on blog B.

Practically, let the admin of blog B be the admin of blog B itself. Admin blog a manages his own blog, as well as admin blog B.

Well that’s the cause, solution, and tutorial on how to overcome Google AdSense which is rejected because it is associated with another email account. Want to add?

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