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How to deal with slow Samsung Android phones – Have you ever felt the Android smartphone used slow? This condition can be caused by various factors. For example, memory is depleted (exhausted) due to too many installed applications/games, or it could be because of the many special settings that ‘drain’ smartphone performance.
Well, for those who want their smartphone back ‘Agile’, there are some tricks that can be tried. The methods below do not require additional applications, just a little fiddling with the settings of the samrtphone.
How To Fix Android phone Samsung slow
1.   Turn Off Live Wallpaper

In general, installing Live Wallpaper can beautify the appearance of the smartphone interface. But by activating it, it will slow down the performance of your smart phone. The reason is, Live Wallpaper will make the animation continue to run, and the phone will be forced to continue working. Well, by turning off the live wallpaper, you can make the scroll movement on the mobile desktop lighter and smoother.
2.  Reduce the number of widgets

Widgets are elements or parts of a graphical interface or GUI, whether in the form of text boxes, buttons and so on that present information or settings that can be reduced or added by the user. If the widget you use presents information that is constantly updated at any time, it will cause additional processes that suck memory so that the impact on the slow performance. For that, it’s good that you delete some widgets that are rarely used.
3.    Close applications running in the background

Did you know that by pressing the home button on the phone, the running application will still run in the background. Meanwhile, when you press the back button while the application is running, it will automatically close and turn off the application. For that, from now on if you want to open another application do not forget to close the running application by pressing the back button or turn it off with the help of a task killer that you can download for free from the Play Store. (Read : How To Assemble A Computer)
4.    Turn off auto update apps

Activating the Automatic update feature of the application found in the Play Store settings menu, can indeed make your application continue to be updated without having to check it manually. However, this feature will certainly burden the performance of the phone, especially when suddenly your phone downloads and installs an application when you are running another application that takes up a lot of memory.
5.    Move apps to MicroSD

The moved apps to SD feature is a feature that allows you to move app installations from internal memory to your embedded microSD card. By moving the application installation file to external memory, the internal memory storage space becomes more relieved. With the more spacious internal memory space, the performance of the phone becomes lighter and smoother.
6.  Autorotate

With the autorotate feature, the orientation of your screen will change automatically following the position of the phone in the hand. In some cases, however, this automatic rotation can cause your phone to experience annoying lag or lag. Therefore you can turn off this autorotate by going to Settings > display and uncheck the box beside the ‘autorotate screen’menu. (Read : How To Care For A Laptop)
7.  Autobrightness

Most Android phones are equipped with an ambient light sensor that will check the light conditions around the phone and adjust the brightness of the screen that is emitted. But in addition to wasting power, active autobrightness also burdens the work of the phone.
8.  Factory Reset

If you have done the above steps but the results are not satisfactory, resetting the device can be a last resort. This is because on Android there are some applications that automatically run in the background when you first turn on the phone. This does not include applications that display pop-up ads that, in addition to sucking up memory usage, also use your internet data.
9. Uninstall or disable unused applications

Each device has a limited storage capacity. The more fully the internal memory is filled, the slower the performance of device such. Therefore, it is time for Jerukers to clean up. One of them is to do the sorting of documents photos and videos, as well as using-uninstall application is not important.
To use-uninstall an application, then Jerukers only need to go to the “settings”menu. After that, access the “Apps ” menu and select the application you want uninstall. Default application called by the term bloatware indeed, it cannot be eliminated. But Jerukers can still disable it by selecting “Disable”.
10. Clean cache

Data cache will always appear along with the continuous use of the application. Unfortunately, cache will also affect the performance of the device Jerukers. You can do the cleaning operation cache by doing the same steps as you read the first tip. But if you want to remove cache all at once, then you need tool own.
Use App Cache Cleaner or Clean Master app to clean data cache in Jerukers mobile device. Both are also available for free.
11. Limit use widget and live wallpaper

Existence widget indeed, it will make it easier for Jerukers to access the information needed, without having to bother opening the application in question. Likewise with live wallpaper which of course will make your smartphone look more pleasing to the eye. However, the presence of both will drain battery power.
Reduce presence widget it’s a lot of data, like Facebook. The trick is also easy, Jerukers just need to touch widget it is a bit long and pulls it to the top of the screen. This way, your device’s battery will be more efficient and speed up system processing.
Live wallpaper also be one of the facilities that slow down the performance of smartphones and tablets. Replace immediately wallpaper with a static image, undoubtedly your device will work faster.
12. Turn off animations

To do these tips, then you have to go into mode developer. It’s very simple. Do tap a total of seven times in the “Build Number” menu can be found in the “About Phone” menu, in the “Settings”section. After that, Jerukers will have wider access to your phone.
Immediately go to the “Developer” option in the “Settings”section. Find the “Drawing”option. Then, turn off “Windows Animation Scale”, “Transition Animation Scale”, and “Animator Duration Scale”. Once done, then Jerukers Mobile will work faster than ever before.
13. Always update device

There is a reason behind the release software update. One of them is to improve the capabilities of a device. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with being a ” sissy update” in this case.
Jerukers should always check for the presence of software update routinely. It’s pretty easy: visit the “Settings” menu, followed by “About Phone”. Then touch the “System Updates”option. If available, then do not hesitate to immediately do software update.
14. Rooting and ROMing

These Tips should be done by those who are really experts and understand Android devices in depth. By doing rooting, then Jerukers will have the ability to overclocking processor, meng-install ROM as needed, and other things that feel necessary.
But keep in mind, this activity must be preceded by data backup. In addition, JerukNipis is also not responsible if the device experiences post-interference rooting and ROMing. (U S)

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