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Who’s showing hands!

It doesn’t feel like we are at the end of 2020. A year that feels very slow but also very fast running. There is nothing wrong with giving a gift or reward to yourself because it has survived well throughout this year. One of them, vacation!

The beach can be one of your holiday destinations by choosing a beach area that is still rarely touched by humans to avoid crowds. Or go to your favorite beach too! But still comply with health protocols, yes!

For hijab users, combining and matching outfits for the beach is a little tricky and must be smart in choosing materials and types of clothes so that they don’t saltum aka wrong costume.

Anything? Come on, check out the article below!

White Never Fail!

Using white clothes is actually very suitable for various activities, both outdoors and indoors. But, not a few who feel not confident using this one color.


Taking a vacation to the beach using a white outfit is perfect for highlighting a bright, dreamy impression, and will be very visible in contrast to the sea view in the background of your photo. Guaranteed to beautify your OOTD photos!

Choose lightweight materials and avoid stacking clothes so they don’t look heavy, huh!

Complete your all-white outfit with sunglass, pastel-colored hijab and bag matching or older than your hijab so as not to seem monotonous when photographed.

Black on The Beach, who’s afraid?

Yup! Wearing black clothes when going to the beach is often avoided by many people because they are afraid of absorbing the sun’s heat and making striped skin. But, wearing a black outfit to the beach is beautiful, loh!


Choose clothes with a predominance of black that can be mixed and matched with a pastel brown hijab to match the color of sand or the background of your photo. Add flip flops or black sandals to make it look more stand out!

Black which is also an earth tone color makes your OOTD photos look warm, comfortable and fashionable.

Dare to be different?

Brighter with yellow

In addition to the basic colors above, you can also wear brightly colored outfits, such as this yellow color.


Choose a yellow color that is not too flashy to be used as your OOTD during your vacation to the beach to look beautiful when photographed or when viewed by the eye. Wearing yellow can make you brighter and more cheerful, loh.

Complete your yellow outfit with the use of pastel yellow or pastel brown hijab to reduce the striking impression of the yellow color you wear. Choose clothes with light materials to stay free to move and not sultry, yes!

Culottes to the Rescue!

Do not have to wear overalls or dress when going to the beach, to make it easier to move and practical, you can also wear culottes while on vacation.


Make sure the culottes pants you wear are not too long or Close your ankles so they don’t get wet easily, Yes. Using culottes, you can mix and match the outfit by wearing an inner top made from a shirt that easily absorbs sweat and is sweetened with a matching colored outer.

Choose outer with plain colors or with a certain pattern so as not to seem monotonous and still bright for your OOTD photos!

Blouse with bright colors

In addition to wearing T-shirts or wearing dresses, it turns out wearing a blouse to the beach also looks interesting, loh!


To get a bright impression, choose light colors such as white, yellow or pastel pink by combining bright brown or pastel brown hijab.

In addition, you can use culottes or pants made from light so as not to seem heavy when worn or when photographed. Use a woven hat or a straw hat to complete the OOTD to your beach, yes!

Jumpsuit Fit the Suit

Who says jumpsuits can’t be worn with a hood?


Adapted from, jumpsuit is a term used for fashion that combines tops and bottoms into one, Jumpsuit generally uses shirt material, but along with the development of trends, jumpsuit can currently be found in various materials.

For hijab users, before using the jumpsuit, you can use cuffs or an interior that matches the jumpsuit you will wear later. Wearing a jumpsuit when going to the beach can really help you move more freely and more trendy of course.

Jeans for the Beach

Jeans are a fashion item that is most often used because it is very easy to mix and match with various types and colors of clothing, not least for OOTD while on vacation to the beach.


You can mix and match jeans with various types of outfits for the beach, for example with a blouse or with your favorite outer.

Use the type of loose jeans, regular jeans, or boyfriend jeans type to stay comfortable to wear in hot beach conditions and need clothes that easily absorb sweat. For tops, you can wear an inner shirt that is combined with the outer or wear a brightly colored blouse as a sweetener for your OOTD.

Free to move with Plisket skirt

Not only pants, using a skirt with the right material and cutting can still make you free to move on the beach, and the most important thing is anti-overheating!


Plisket skirts can be an OOTD alternative to anti-hot beaches but are reluctant to wear pants. This skirt has light and stretchy characteristics so it is very effective to use it as an outfit for your beach.

Mix and match your favorite plisket skirt with a T-shirt top and sweetened with outer as an OOTD to the beach, or you can also use your favorite blouse or loose shirt as an interesting mix and match.

In addition to the outfit, the thing you should pay attention to when going to the beach is sunblock to reduce the effect of stripes on your skin because it is too long exposed to sunburn. In addition, use footwear that is easy to remove and easy to clean because often the sand sticks to our feet when playing on the beach.

Make sure you bring a change of clothes that remain comfortable and safe during a vacation to the beach so as not to wear wet clothes repeatedly.

Choose a hijab or hijab material that is light and easy to absorb sweat and water so that you are free to play without fear of overheating. Either with you or with your pet. It’s good to use knitting material as a choice so that it’s not easy to get dizzy and easily absorb sweat while you play on the beach!

Hopefully this article can add information and knowledge to all of you, yes! Stick to health protocols and don’t forget to wash your hands with soap!

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