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Are you one of the many users of the Android operating system? If so, maybe these tips are mandatory for you to know, namely How To Recognize Dangerous Android Apps.

It can not be denied, android has many advantages when compared with other OS. Sometimes without you knowing it, your android phone can be adversely affected by your own lack of caution.
It could be, How To Recognize Dangerous Android Apps, can help you to avoid unwanted things. The other side of the advantages of Android is a very complete application, as well as having a much better game display than other OS.
You have to be careful, at this time malware is already scattered a lot. Do not just download the application without being aware of the dangers that can threaten at any time.
On this occasion, aan Shared wants to share with you how to get to know more details of applications that may be dangerous for your android phone.
The following are Tips To Identify Dangerous Android Apps
1. Try to check the reviews / reviews on the Internet first.

Before you install the application you better see the application review. Do a review of more than 3 sources and see the testimonials/comments of the users so that the validity of the application is completely genuine and harmless. A trivial thing but can be very useful for you.
2. Don’t forget to check App Permissions

Before installing, the application will ask for access rights (permissions) to the hardware and software of your device, such as contact list, location, internet connection, and so on.
3. Do not forget to install Anti-Virus.
Although many people think this method is not effective, it is not wrong for you to try. Equip your phone with a security system, now many anti-virus developers produce free and passable products to prevent malware. Don’t worry about antivirus!
4. Download from well-known and trusted sites.
Currently the site that provides legal Android applications and games is in the Android Market and Google Android Market, before downloading look at the reviews and comments of the application. God willing, all applications are Aan Shared share here, including applications that are safe from various viruses and the like.
5. Check the rating or reputation of the application

Cybercriminals are so smart that they can inject the original app with malware and then publish it again. Before you download the better you look at the rating, the higher the rating means the application is trusted by many people.
So, be careful of applications that have not high ratings and reputation and are popular even though not all low-rated applications are at risk. But you still have to be careful.
Maybe that’s all it’s about Easy Tips To Recognize Dangerous Android Apps.

Hopefully useful!

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